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Ottawa Lake Campground — The “E1” Fix

Just when we thought our air conditioners were on the fritz and we envisioned leaving Ottawa Lake early to get them fixed, along came Horn’s RV.

Horn’s installed our new Penguin II ACs last year. After we got the dreaded “E1” error message, I gave them a call. Then they called Dometic, the manufacturer of our ACs, and they gave us a procedure for resetting our thermostat and air conditioners.

I performed the procedure and both our ACs came back to life!

Here’s the procedure which I “beefed up”: Dometic_CCC2_E1_Error_Recovery

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    Good to get those ACs repaired. This is not the season to lose that cool air. Do you folks do any fishing? I would hope, Tom, that if you and Jan are interested at all in that sport you might have gotten some of Dad’s fishing gear. He had a bunch of stuff. Have you tried grilling fish? I heard it’s pretty good that way. Also, if you’re going to fry or bake fish, coating with Panko is a good route to go. I always add a pinch or so of dill too. Happy trails. Kath

    June 27, 2013

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