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Slingbox M1

NOTE: The Slingbox M2 has replaced the M1. The M2 is technically identical to the M1, but the M2 Slingplayer apps are now free and no longer cost $15. Also, the M2 costs $50 more than the M1.

Slingbox M11

Slingbox M1

While trying to figure out how my Hopper with Sling worked, I came across Sling Media’s new Slingbox M1.

The $150 box is functionally the same as a Hopper with Sling.

The Slingbox M1 uses WiFi networks like a Hopper with Sling and DISH Anywhere:


Slingbox M1 - Same Network

Slingbox M1 – Same Network


Slingbox M1 - Different Networks

Slingbox M1 – Different Networks

A Slingbox M1 can connect to a number of different devices, like the DirecTV shown above.

slingplayer_iconHowever, unlike the free DISH Anywhere app, the Sling app costs about $15, but the app works with Apple (iPad, iPhone), Android (phone & tablets), and Windows (phone & tablets).

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