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Midnite @ the Oasis

Midnite @ the Oasis – a May night on our patio

It’s Summertime and the living is . . . HOT! Last week the temperatures in Lake Havasu hovered in the hundreds. For a former Wisconsinite, those are temperatures we might rarely see in July or August. However, in Arizona, this is just the beginning — the Pre-heat.

During the next several months, temps will climb past 100 on a daily basis — the real Heat.

And then there’s August — the monsoon season — extremely intense short rain storms followed by searing heat. Can’t wait. If push comes to shove, we can pull the RV out of storage and head for the mountains where it would be much cooler. So with the heat in mind, we had sun shades installed on our patio and most of our windows.

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The shades lower the amount of sunlight, decrease wind, and add privacy. The shades are rated at 80% which means it’s hard to see in, but easy to see out.

On the domestic side, we “made” our bed . . . an Ikea storage bed that raises up to reveal a space beneath . . .

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Finally, the Snow Birders all left about a month ago and very few campers are left. We get an influx of Weekenders every Saturday and Sunday, but other than than, it’s sparse. However, we hear that Memorial Day weekend is nuts here.

Where's everyone go?

Where’d everyone go?