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DISH Western & Eastern Arcs

Updated 8/2/2018



Satellite Internet for RVers


DISH Arcs, Satellites, and Dishes

DISH Arcs, Satellites, and Dishes

Though the Biblical Noah saved the world using a single Arc, DISH satellite TV uses two Arcs — named the Western and Eastern — to broadcast its programming.

The first arc, the Western Arc, uses 3 satellites (110°, 119°, and 129°) to broadcast DISH programming.

Western Arc Satellites (as shown on DP Air Pro app)

Western Arc Satellites (as shown on DP Air Pro app)

The newer arc, the Eastern Arc, also uses 3 satellites — 61.5°, 72.7°, and 77°.

Eastern Arc Satellites (as shown on DP Air Pro app)

Eastern Arc Satellites (as shown on DP Air Pro app)

Why should you care?

Depending on where you are, you may need to use a specific arc to receive the DISH local TV stations that are nearby.

To figure out which arc is needed,

  1. Enter your current ZIP code on this web page — for example, 54311. The city supplying the local TV stations in your area will appear. For 54311, Green Bay, WI will appear.
  2. Next, using this DISH Markets web page, look up the TV stations and satellites listed for this city. For Green Bay, WI, satellite 61.5° (of the Eastern Arc) is used for Green Bay’s HD (High Definition) local stations, and satellite 110° (of the Western Arc) is used for the SD (Standard Definition) local stations.

The Green Bay example just used is typical — that is, DISH appears to try to use both arcs for all its markets (see map below). This is great for RVers because it simplifies things.

Click on map to enlarge

However, when traveling around the country, it’s best to have a way to pick up the programming on both arcs.

For example, we use a rooftop Winegard Travler SK1000 (DISH version), but this dish is really just a Western Arc dish. (You can pick up the Eastern Arc 61.5° satellite, but not all 3 Eastern Arc satellites.)

If you’re considering using a 1000.2 or 1000.4 dish, remember that their parts — and LNBs — are not interchangeable.

Until we started using a Hopper 3 in our RV, we used a portable open-faced dish, the 1000.4, which can be configured for either the Eastern or Western Arcs:

DISH 1000.4 with Eastern (left) and Western (right) LNBs shown

DISH 1000.4 with Eastern (left) and Western (right) LNBs shown


However, because we now use a Hopper 3, we have to use a 1000.2 open-faced dish that uses DISH Pro Hybrid (or DPH) LNBs.

The DPH LNBs is available in both Eastern Arc and Western Arc versions:

DPPvsDPH_03-wa dph and ea dph

DISH Pro Hybrid (DPH) Western Arc (left) and Eastern Arc (right) LNBs

DPPvsDPH_09-wa dph ports closeup

DPH Western Arc LNB (part number #201499)

DPPvsDPH_10-ea dph ports closeup

DPH Eastern Arc LNB (part #201700)


If you’re not using a Hopper 3, then you can use DPP LNBs.

These are the part numbers of the DPP LNBs used on both the 1000.2 and 1000.4 dishes:

  • 1000.2 Western Arc LNBs — #145511
  • 1000.2 Eastern Arc LNBs — #184187 (This is called the Eastern Twin option because only two LNBs are used: 61.5° and 72.7°. This is one reason why we used the 1000.4 dish. It can pick up all three of the Eastern Arc satellites.)
  • 1000.4 Western Arc LNBs — #175338
  • 1000.4 Eastern Arc LNBs — #157092

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  1. Ray Balzer #

    I don’t see how it’s an advantage to RV’rs that Dish is trying to use both. I understand from your comments that the 1000.4 can be used to get one or the other arc by switching out parts, but if you need satellites from both arcs, it seems you need two tripods and dishes. What am I missing? This seems a burden to RV’rs.

    Can you usually get all channels (in at least one format — SD or HD) from just EA or WA, just perhaps losing HD version? If so, I could use the slightly smaller 1000.2 and WA and not have to rebuild my dish, yet still get any needed channel (although maybe in SD). And save space and cash. Note: I’m usually in Western USA — Mountain states and west.

    December 15, 2015
    • . . . if you need satellites from both arcs, it seems you need two tripods and dishes. What am I missing?

      You just use the sats from one arc or the other, not both.

      Can you usually get all channels (in at least one format — SD or HD) from just EA or WA, just perhaps losing HD version?


      I could use the slightly smaller 1000.2 and WA and not have to rebuild my dish, yet still get any needed channel (although maybe in SD). And save space and cash. Note: I’m usually in Western USA — Mountain states and west.

      If you’re out West, there’s really no need for the Eastern Arc. Nevertheless, I recommend using the 1000.4 over the 1000.2 because I think the 1000.4 is built better.

      December 15, 2015
    • We have one Dish satellite, but we have two of the “eyeball” thing receivers. One has two white round circles (eyeballs) for eastern arc; the other has three round circles (eyeballs) for western arc. My Dish guy talked me through how to change the eyeballs out and reset my skew so it can rotate to the western or eastern arcs skew numbers as we travel in our RV. Therefore, we have one tripod, one satellite dish, and the two different “eyeballs.” There’s a technical name for the eyeballs but I can’t remember it right now.

      May 19, 2019
  2. cptdzl #

    What are your thoughts on the winegard X1 versus the X2. I like the size of the X1 but as we live and travel the east coast I think my best (only) choice is to go with the X2. I am only considering DISH network.

    January 10, 2016
    • Totally agree with you — go with the X2 mainly because of both Western & Eastern Arc coverage. X2 owners really like the dish.

      January 10, 2016
      • Tom Henderson #

        Yes, the Pathway X2 is all you need.

        August 10, 2020
    • Warren Col #

      Dish network is great. That is what I have. Winegard pathway x2 works great for both eastern and western arc. Only issue is… the 2nd receiver attached to the antenna doesn’t work so well. Issues with the Wally not downloading the guide properly on the 2nd receiver. 2nd receiver doesn’t control the antenna, only the primary does.

      So, I found a good used pathway x2 for my 2nd receiver. I Cary out two pathway x2 antennas and hook one to each receiver and Now all family members are happy.

      July 9, 2022
  3. Ronald Clanton #

    I really like the DISH market map. Where did you get it? Is there an updated version available?

    October 3, 2016
  4. Rico Barbina #

    1) An observation/ question: The diagram of the western and eastern arc ( DISH Western & Eastern Arcs Updated 2/10/2016– DISH Pro Hybrid information added) looking as though you’re looking north.

    However, the picture with the superimposed western arc satellites in the sky is as though you are looking south.

    Q1) Is that correct? (In other words the satellite 129 is to the west of 110.)

    2) the illustration of 1000.4 WA LNBS #175338 implies each coaxial output corresponds to each satellite within the arc. It is my understanding all outputs are identical. (although there is an input, it’s not part of my question)

    Q2) Which of these statements is correct:
    1) Each output corresponds to a single satellite
    2) Each output contains the “content” of all three satellites (if the dish is pointed correctly and the LNBs are working properly)

    My questions are not intended to beat anybody up or be Mr. Right. I’m trying to reconcile information I’ve gathered over the internet (some probably accurate; some probably inaccurate)



    December 7, 2016
    • 1) An observation/question . . .
      The DISH Arcs, Satellites, and Dishes diagram doesn’t represent a “sky” view of the DISH sats as sat 118.7 couldn’t be where it is in the sky.

      The DP App Pro photos are actual sky positions.

      Q2) Which of these is correct
      Both are correct. For example, to acquire the Eastern Arc sats, you should peak the signal using sat 72.7. So to peak a 1000.4 LNB (#157092), you connect a signal meter to the “72.7” connection. However, after you peak, you can connect a VIP211 receiver to any of the three connections, and the 211 will receive all three sats.

      December 7, 2016
  5. Scott C Stanfield #

    I recently purchased the 1000.2 eastern arc DPH lnb and tested it last night. I had only the port #2 connected for the 61.5 satellite and could not get a signal on my Hopper 3. I finally just tried port #1 as a last resort and was able to get 61.5?? I didn’t know if your picture was purhaps labeled incorrectly or how that happened. Do I even need two cables? Thank you!

    October 5, 2017
  6. Jim A #

    I find this post very helpful. I’m considering switching from DTV to Dish. I Just take my receivers from home and put them in my RV and use a tripod. It’s a lot different for Dish particularly if you leave the equipment home and just use Wallys in the RV. Thanks for the ediucation

    October 24, 2017
    • Thanks Jim. Keep in mind that DISH HD sat dishes are more difficult to aim than an DirecTV SD dish. Also remember that DISH has two sats of sats that can be used: Western Arc (sats 110, 119, 129) & Eastern Arc (sats 61.5, 72.7, 77).

      October 24, 2017
      • I currently have to aim a SlimLine dish with SWM which is all HD and I find that it’s relatively easy to aim with the help of a tripod. There are 10 turn fine adjustments on Azimuth and Elevation. Tilt is a simple mechanical setting. I could not use a meter on SWM without buying a Birddog like device. The old analog meter was useless. I’m looking to see what works as a substitute over in the Dish DPH world.

        It kind of looks like I could get all HD including locals on the Eastern Arc with Hopper 3, even when traveling west of the Mississippi?

        October 25, 2017
      • I’ve used several different meters with DISH and finally settled on a Super Buddy. They can be had on eBay for $300 – 400.

        It gets steadily more difficult to acquire Eastern Arc sats as you move West because the elevation keeps going down. I suggest you buy a 1000.2 dish with a Western Arc DPH (Dish Pro Hybrid) arm and an Eastern Arc DPH arm for a Hopper 3. Check out DISH Depot for equipment.

        October 25, 2017
    • Thomas (Tom) Henderson #

      Jim, if you switch to Dish buy a Pathway X2 made by Winegard. You may be able to find the “bundle offer” which will include the Walley receiver for no extra charge. This portable dish antenna works automatically. First thing I do when I get in place is put the Pathway X2 outside on a level surface and hook up the coax. If the receiver is on it will (in most cases) start seaching for satelltes in most cases, using the last setting regarding eastern arc or western arc.
      If there are obstacles such as building or trees switch to the other arc.

      August 10, 2020
  7. You mentioned DPH ARM and not LNBF. Can I not use the same LNB arm and just replace the LNB with Eastern or Western DPH LNBF?

    October 27, 2017
    • My bad. Yes, you can just swap the LNBF. However, I find it easier to swap the whole arm assembly. Your call.

      October 27, 2017
  8. frederick hamilton #

    I have a Winegard pathway x2 hooked to two Tv’s all is great until the main connected tv is changed to a channel on a different sat. the 2nd Tv will shutdown and must be reprogrammed but only to what the main tv sat. can view. Can this be changed so that the person on the bedroom tv is not shut off.

    November 5, 2017
    • Thomas (Tom) Henderson #

      No, sorry.

      August 10, 2020
  9. Rick Carter #

    I have been reading your posts. I have spoken with local dish network installer. I showed him all your pictures on how to use hopper 3. And hardware to make it work. He says he can sale me hopper 3 and 2 joeys. But will not install wineguard traveler or hook it up. Do have any recommendations for any rv service center that can install this. I live in Northern California. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    November 26, 2017
  10. Joel #

    As an installer for dish on the east coast, I find this information to be an outstanding reference for anyone who wants dish on to road. Keep up the good work!

    November 29, 2017

    Can you see down the road where dish will make a dome unit to be able to view all six sats on two different receivers?

    December 2, 2017
    • I’ve been having second thoughts about all this satellite TV stuff. When DirecTV recently increased my price by $40/mo, I canceled them. While I could get Dish as a new customer for $90/month at home, I’d still have hundreds to spend to get either the dome or the tripod antenna for the RV. I don’t see the satellite companies spending a lot to make it easier for us. I just got a FireTV and Roku at home and SlingTV service. There are a lot of different streaming TV services out there at significantly cheaper prices compared to Sat. TV. Since it’s cheaper to put up more Wireless towers with 4G LTE and soon 5G than it is to put up new satellites, I see streaming killing off Satellite TV except for those complete without good wireless support. My opinion anyway.

      December 3, 2017
      • FRANK KEMPF #

        I agree Jim, however finding a 4G service that’s truly unlimited is not available at this time for less then my left leg. So I’m considering a Winegard Pathway X2 that will allow me to use both the east and west sats so I have a choose when camping in our RV where trees are in the way on one or the other sats.

        December 3, 2017
  12. Robert hayward #

    Im using a vip 211z receiver on a eastern arc dish. Do i need any spiltters switch

    December 29, 2017
    • Nope. You can connect it directly to the sat dish.

      December 29, 2017

      No. Depending on which dish you have you can hook up to three 211Z’s to the dish without a splitter. I take both a East & West dish so I can have a choose of either arcs depending on the trees in the campsite.

      December 30, 2017
      • Thomas (Tom) Henderson #

        Do you know of anybody that hooks the second antenna to the Jack on the first antenna? These are made to receive signal from two directions simultaneously.

        August 10, 2020
  13. scottcundiff #

    Great information – I use your map a lot.

    July 4, 2018
  14. Dee #

    Is there a way to use a Tailgator on both arcs?

    October 6, 2018
    • No. Tailgaters are Western Arc only. However, the Winegard Pathway X2 can use both arcs.

      October 6, 2018
  15. Terry Moore #

    Any comments or reviews of the new Tailgater 4 or Tailgater PRO which now have eastern arc 61.5 reception? Is it better to get the X2 with the 61.5 , 72.5 and 77 sats ?

    November 19, 2018
    • I just heard about it from you. If the new Tailgaters only get sat 61.5, then I don’t think they’re much better than the older Tailgater. Most DISH Eastern Arc programming is on sat 72.

      November 20, 2018
      • Terry #

        Appears that 61.5 replaces 129 on the new generation 4 Dish Tailgaters eastern arc setup.
        The X2 uses all three eastern arc sats in the eastern mode

        November 20, 2018
  16. Klaus #

    I currently have a 1000.2 WA with the Hybrid LNB. I would like move to a 1000.4 for the added signal strength of the larger reflector. As they have been discontinued, I am forced into the tertiary market. I have located 1000.4 WA units for sale but have a few quick questions to make sure I am getting what is advertised. On the 1000.4 rig you show with both EA and WA LNBs, are the feed arm and (plastic) LNB bracket the same for EA and WA? You imply the skew / elevation bracket and reflector are the same for both EA and WA, is that correct? Other than the LNBs, would you happen to have any part numbers for the other components? Thank You in advance for any information you may be able to share.

    June 24, 2019
    • First, your 1000.2 Hybrid LNB may not work on a 1000.4.
      That said, the EA & WA feed arms, plastic brackets, and other stuff are identical.
      For parts check

      June 24, 2019
      • Klaus #

        Tom: Thank you for the quick reply. I have sourced a 1000.4 with the correct LNB. Based on you excellent post and others I was able to put together the concepts and most of the pieces for a 1000.4 WA system. From what I had seen and read it appeared that the majority of the parts were common. In your photo showing the reflector assembly with the EA and WA LNB arms, there was visual one difference that gave me pause. That difference being a hole in the arm opposite the LNB on WA assembly that was not on the EA. I was also concerned that the hole might denote a different arm with a length difference. I was also concerned the bracket may have some geometry differences. If any of those parts were not common, mismatched parts would definitely cause an issue. As an aside, I already have a solo node to replace the Hybrid hub and complete the system.

        June 24, 2019
  17. John Condren #

    Tom! I’ve just spent an hour reviewing this entire post. WOW! Great info. But it doesn’t fix my problem … so, maybe you have a thought —

    The issue is missing channels that occur when I change the receiver’s location. Here are the details: I have two (2) Wally’s which I interchange between my house and my motorhome. The antenna for the house is roof mounted and the RV has the Winegard PL7000R Dish Playmaker Dual Portable Antenna. Both antennae are 20′ apart, so signal access should be the same. When the Wally’s are operating in my house, I get all of the channels that I’m subscribed to, including local channels. However, when I move either of the Wally’s to the motorhome, I lose 25% of the subscription channels and I lose all of the local channels. I’ve even tried alternating and swapping-out the Wally units – I get the same limited number of channels. I’ve gone through the steps of the tutorial and every other possible remedy more than once (including verifying “All Subscribed”, power-off and reboot, update programming guide, etc.). I’ve also done the “Refresh My Receivers” from the Dish Outdoors site. Nothing has worked. I could better understand this if I didn’t get ANY channels but to get 75% is baffling.

    July 12, 2019
  18. Charlie Tisdale #

    Will king vq 4500 work properly in michigan (upper and lower zip 49838 upper /48006 lower thanks

    September 28, 2020
  19. DroppedDTV afterMerger #

    Really appreciate this forum.I just upgraded my dome,(old one only saw WA 119 with dish.New one sees “legacy” EA (61.5,110,119) or WA (110,119,129).I will MOSTLY be between Mississippi and South Carolina.Could someone recommend which setting to use?I’m thinking WA,but…129 is pretty low to the horizon and I worry about in motion problems with WA.Any suggestion or should I just try one and see,then try the other?Maybe EA if I’m headed east and WA when headed west…LOL!!!Thanks for the map!!!

    October 7, 2020
  20. Hello All, I need some advice from the pro’s on dish network satellite. I have a camp in WV and put a permanent satellite in several years ago with a single arm lab with vip211 receiver. Most of my channels have went away with the exception of a few. What are the your suggestions on changing out. I do have a older tv that does not have had or any the fancy stuff could the TV be the problem? Thanks for your help.

    November 12, 2020
  21. Bill #

    Take hopper 3
    Out of home which is
    Eastern able to find western with traveler. But won’t switch back to eastern when back at home. Any suggestions? Dish is no help. Say you are not
    Supposed to use hopper on rv. Thanks

    September 7, 2021
  22. I have the Wally receivers. Do I need the Hopper for this dish?

    October 31, 2021
    • Nope

      October 31, 2021
    • Terry #

      Hopper will not work with portable DISH satellite units. Wally or 211 models only will power them.

      October 31, 2021
      • gomiller1950 #

        What I’m asking is will my Wally receiver work with a stand alone dish like the one on a house?

        November 1, 2021
      • Terry #

        Yes, all current DISH receivers will work with their stationary type receivers

        November 1, 2021
      • gomiller1950 #

        Thank you.

        November 1, 2021
      • Terry #

        Yes, all current DISH receivers will work with the DISH stationary satellite 📡

        November 1, 2021
  23. james #

    The eastern arc is much higher…able to get over trees… I travel in xa I use both… sometimes the western arc is blocked..and the Eastern is open… I use the west more often

    May 14, 2022
  24. Gary McDonald #

    Which eastern arc LNB will fit on my Dish network 500 I need the 61.5 & 72 LNB

    February 8, 2023

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