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It’s Snowing !!!

Snow has fallen in Lake Havasu City for the first time in 27 years!

It’s in the low 30’s . . . Yikes! And here’s the weather forecast . . . Snow in Havasu-Forecast   CHRISTMAS @ CRAZY HORSE It was a hoot . . .

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Jeepin’ to Honeycomb Rock

Honeycomb Rock Trip

Honeycomb Rock Trip (click on map to enlarge)

On Thursday we took a Jeep trip into the desert to Honeycomb Rock (also called Rovey’s Needle or Holey Rock).

I’m pleased to report that none of our vehicles were damaged, and we all came back in one piece.

It was a great day trip.

Photos and video from our trip . . .


In the Shadow of Honeycomb Rock (click on photo to enlarge)

In the Shadow of Honeycomb Rock (click on photo to enlarge)


Our Starting & Ending Point (click on photo to enlarge)

Our Starting & Ending Point – a huge RV resort that never happened (click on photo to enlarge)


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Overflow’s Secret Beach

Overflow Site #1

Overflow Site #1

There’s a group of campsites at Crazy Horse Campground called “Overflow”.

On the official campsite map, the Overflow sites aren’t even shown. There’s just a “road to overflow area” shown (on the map look above the “r” in “Crazy Horse Campground”.)

From the porch of our park unit, we can look across the marina below us and see several campers on the “Overflow” ridge. There’s usually several campers at Overflow, but we’ve never bothered to check it out.

Overflow seemed like RVers parked in a wasteland. Then I took Flirt for a walk up the ridge to Overflow.

On the Overflow Plain with Flirt

On the Overflow Plain with Flirt

When Flirt and I reached the top of the ridge, it looked like a huge gravel parking lot.

We kept walking . . . past the Overflow campers and to the edge of the lake bluff.

Then we saw it . . .

The Secret Beach

The Secret Beach (click on photo to enlarge)

A “private” beach . . .

Flirt & I walked a Jeep trail down to the lake shore and found a beach that continued for several hundred feet. The beach was shallow with a sandy bottom.

We’ll be back for a swim when it warms up in Spring.

Here are some photos from our walkabout . . .


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Flirt in Repose


Let there be Heat!

Mark it on your calendar — we turned on our heat (heat pump) today for the first time as temps hovered in the 50’s.

Can no longer imagine a Wisconsin Winter.

December 15 - 21 Forecast

Lake Havasu City December 15 – 21 Forecast



Our 2nd Xmas Dinner @ Crazy Horse Campground which was almost cancelled because no one was volunteering to help.