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New Water Pump (6/2016)

A few weeks ago I thought I’d better test our water pump.

Since we’ve been hooked up to the campground water system, there has been no need to turn on our water pump because the campground system supplies all the water and water pressure we need. (FYI — when our RV’s water pump is on, it draws water from our on-board water tank. You need the water pump when you’re not connected to an external water supply.)

Anyway, I turned off our campground water supply and then turned on our water pump. However, nothing happened when I tried to use an RV faucet. Our water pump was shot.

Well, the positive spin is that I tested it before we actually needed it.

The water pump that failed was a ShurFlo 4008 that I purchased a little over a year ago. Though the pump had a 2-year warranty, I decided to try a new brand — Aquajet. By the way, I kept the original 14-year-old water pump that came our RV. It still works. I keep it just in case the current pump fails.

The Remco Aquajet RV was recommended by Richard Dahl at the RV Water Filter Store. Since he has proven to be a dependable information source in the past, I bought the Aquajet.

It’s too early to tell if the new pump will live up to expectations, but early indications lead me to believe that the Aquajet RV pump was a good purchase — it’s quieter and has more power than my previous pumps.

Here are photos from my Aquajet install . . .





Remco recommends mounting the Aquajet horizontally, so I purchased four, Neoprene compression mounts to attach the pump to the RV floor:







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