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Doorbell (Wireless with Video)

Too much?

Too much?

What started out as a pretty nerdy idea, turned out to be a good idea — an RV doorbell.

I wanted a wireless doorbell that not only allowed you to talk back and forth, but that also allowed you to see who you were talking with. The iVision Optex fit the bill.


The Optex consists of the (A) exterior doorbell, (B) inside receiver and video monitor, and (C) charger for the inside receiver.

The exterior doorbell contains a speaker, microphone, and video camera. Plus, it has a couple of LEDs that provide night time illumination. The video camera lens is also adjustable 15 degrees to the left or right.

The inside receiver has a 2.25-inch color video monitor that lets you play back date-stamped video of who rang the doorbell. In addition, if the exterior doorbell is hard-wired to an 18VAC source (like I did), you can view what’s going on outside your RV door at any time by pressing the Browse button on the receiver.

The interior volume and camera brightness is adjustable. However, the ding-dong sound made by the exterior doorbell is NOT adjustable. This is a drawback as it’s pretty loud and could definitely piss off neighbors. We’ll see.

Through-the-Wall Install

Through-the-Wall Install

In order to run 18VAC to the exterior doorbell, I drilled through the RV wall into a small compartment by the passenger seat. It was fortunate that I had a 110VAC power outlet nearby as I needed it to power the 18VAC doorbell transformer.

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  1. LifeNav #

    Oh Yeah!

    That is an awesome Idea. Of-course you do realize that all the RV builders will steal your idea.

    Great work; awesome idea.

    February 20, 2016

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