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Christmas 2021 & More Snow

California Xmas

This was a surprise . . .

5 or 6 inches?

Let There Be Spring

First Snow

Mariposa had the first snow of the season early this morning.

We like the first snow, but after that Spring can’t get here fast enough.

Gen Fix

A couple of weeks ago our RV generator refused to start. It turned over, but that was it. Bummer. Expensive repair here we come.

Though we almost never use our generator when we camp, we do use it during hot summer driving as it allows us to run our RV’s air conditioners. So there was no real rush to fix the gen as we’re a few weeks away from storing the RV for the winter.

However, I remembered that when we bought our 2001 Sea View, the dealership we bought it from had replaced the generator’s fuel pump and/or the fuel pump filter.

The Old Fuel Pump & Filter

So knowing nothing about generators, I thought I’d attempt fixing it by replacing the fuel pump and found a replacement pump on Amazon for about $25. A few days ago I removed the old fuel pump and installed the new Amazon pump.

The New Fuel Pump Installed on the Base of the Generator

Sure, a total crap shoot as many other things could wrong with the gen. But it wasn’t the same as cutting holes in the side of our RV . . . I hoped.

So after tightening all the fuel pump connections, I checked for leaks. Nothing.

Then I pressed the button to prime the pump. For a couple of seconds it sounded like before – just a lot of clicking. But then the sound changed . . . like fuel was flowing, so I stopped priming the pump.

Still no leaks.

Next, I pressed the generator start button . . .


After several start-up tests over a few days, I pronounced it a success.