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Quintana Beach County Park

Camping in the Texas Chemical Coast (click on photo to enlarge)

FREEPORT, TX — Damn, is it humid here! In the low 90s. When we saw all the petrochemical plants on Google, we had several 2nd thoughts about camping here. Although we were thinking about filling up our RV at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

But it seems like the city (and county?) has gone out of its way to “hide” the oil plants behind bird preserves and landscaping.

We Are Here

Also, Freeport is located in a major migration flyway and has several bird sanctuaries that Jan soon discovered.

Summer Tanager

Blue Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

MOVIES . . .

Port Aransas – Parting Shots

Sand Fest 2017 in Port Aransas

We left Pioneer RV Park in Port Aransas, TX this morning after a month’s stay.

We’re drawn to water and it was fantastic to play on a beach over 100 miles long.

1000-year-old tree on Goose Island

Flirt on the beach. Never stopped wagging her tail . . .

Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island (click to enlarge)

Add Padre Island National Seashore to your bucket list. It’s mile after mile of sand-duned ocean shoreline.

Along with two campground friends, we Jeeped to Milepost 30 (of 60!) on the beach. Because you can only drive slowly on the beach, it took us 2 hours to get from Port Aransas (which is on Mustang Island) to Milepost 30 on South Padre Island.

Yes, Virginia, you can camp right on the beach


Milepost 30

But what a drive! At times it was like being in a post apocalyptic movie like the Walking Dead (actually Fear the Walking Dead) TV show sans zombies . . . nobody around except the birds.

Here’s a list of the birds that visit the area (PDF).

It was a big day for Flirt too. It was the first time we let her go without a leash. She wagged her tail continuously.

Pizza & Belt Sander Racing

It’s been a while since we posted!

Ok, on the advice of one of our Pioneer RV Park neighbors, we went out for pizza at the Gaff in Port Aransas.

Pizza was very good, but we missed the Belt Sander Race so here’s a link to a previous Gaff Belt Sander Race.

NEXT: Jeepin on Padre Island. We drove on the beach to Milepost 30!