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DirecTV-to-DISH Travler Conversions


Yes, Virginia, you can convert DirecTV to DISH


Updated: July 31, 2019 (Updated text in blue.)

Here’s the How-To Manual (PDF)

So you have DirecTV satellite TV and you want to change to DISH. Good for you.

However, you have a rooftop DirecTV Winegard Travler that you bought for a lot of $$$. What to do? Spend another couple of thousand to buy the DISH version of the Winegard Travler? There’s no need to do this.

You can convert the DirecTV Slimline (SK-3005) or SWM (SK-SWM3) versions of the Winegard Travler to its DISH counterpart for just a few hundred dollars. Here’s how . . .

First, determine what type of DirecTV Travler you own . . . there are 3 versions: SK-3003, SK-3005, SK-SWM3. However, on 7/31/19 a Winegard Tech Support rep told me via email that the SK-3003 can not be upgraded to a DISH SK-1000.


Updated 7-31-19

Note that all DirecTV Travler versions require two Winegard kits — RP SK-11 and the RP SK-21:

These two kits have been merged into one kit that Winegard now calls the OE-DISH kit. As of 7/31/19, the individual RPSK-11 and RP SK-21 are still being sold online on Amazon and by at least one dealer. However, you’re better off ordering the OE-DISH kit directly from Winegard (800-288-8094) for about $230.

In addition, if you own a DirecTV SK-3005 (Slimline dish), then you must check both the IDU and ODU software versions (see Winegard Travler Documentation):




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If you have a DISH Winegard Travler, you should connect it to a DISH Hopper with maybe a Joey or two. The Hopper is DISH’s version of the DirecTV Genie — a whole home DVR system.

The Hopper 1 (original), Hopper 2 (Hopper with Sling), and the new 16-tuner Hopper 3 will all work with a standard Winegard Travler SK1000:

Hopper 1 & 2

DISH Hopper Examples

Hopper 3

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