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The XXth Annual Something-Something Festival

Today the XXth Annual Something-Something Festival comes to an end.


In LHC there are typically three types of fests: water, sand, auto. This festival was water. Muffler-castrated jet skis raced in the early morning hours so that their owners might claim a victory that would last until the next XXth Annual Something-Something Festival.

I believe the YYth Annual Sand-Something Festival is fast approaching. Though it’s nearby and therefore really loud, I like this sand fest. The vehicles raise clouds of choking sand that piss off the new residents in the center of the island — people who have spent fortunes on densely-packed huge houses. Love it.

By the way . . .

OurĀ park model is for sale.

It’s Not 116 Today

85 Degrees


But it is windy . . .


Sand Storm!

Looks Fierce

About 6:30 pm MST, we spotted a line of strong storms approaching from the east — very unusual as most storms go west to east.

Anyway, we were looking forward some thunder, lightning, and so on. No such luck. Turned out to be strong winds blowing sand around and a haboob south of us. Cough, cough. Holy Dustbowl, Batman.



Previously that afternoon . . .

Our 19-gallon water heater leaked itself to death. Luckily we were in our park model when the leaking started. Plumbers are coming out tomorrow afternoon. Do I hear $500? We’ll see.

Well, it is 16 years old

We’re Back!

Lake Havasu City in August (and June, July, and a lot of September)


We took a side trip to Mariposa, CA (more on this later) on our way and at a campground on our way made this film of Flirt . . .

This, That, and the Other Thing

Back flow Valve Install

A few days ago I filled up our RV water tank, turned the water pump back on, and went about doing other things.

An hour or so later I checked the level of water in our tank and most of the water was gone. Say what? We hadn’t done the dishes, showered, or washed the clothes. So where did the water go?

Turns out we inadvertently pumped the water out of the tank because I had left the water fill valve open. A bad thing.

So I ordered a back flow valve and installed it today. A back flow valve only allows water to flow in one direction. So we’ll let water flow into, but not out of, our water tank from now on.

The Camco 23402 Back-Flow Preventer


How a Back-Flow Valve Works


BEFORE Back-Flow Valve Install

Water, water everywhere . . .


AFTER Back-Flow Valve Install

Dry, dry, dry . . .


Flirt Surgery

Last week we took Flirt to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and a lump removed from her head.

After the surgery the vet advised us to have a biopsy done on the lump as it was unusual. Great. Possible cancer in our 7-year-old doggy. However, the vet called today and told us that the lump was benign. Whew.

Flirt looks worse than she is, but we’ve avoided having her wear a Cone of Shame.

Flirt Post Surgery


Bob at 98

Bob is a WWII aircraft carrier fighter pilot vet who has lived at our campground since we’ve been working at the RV park. So he’s been here at least 5 years.

He’s independent, sharp, and a pleasure to be around. Whenever Jan and I are feeling “old”, we remind ourselves that Bob is almost 30 years older than we are.

Bob out for a spin around the campground