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Using a Hopper 3 in Your RV

Finally, a relatively easy way to use a DISH Hopper 3 in your RV — DPH42 Switch Option.

Prior to this, I recommended swapping the “head” (LNBF) of a rooftop Winegard Travler which could be problematic at times (see Crazy Ivan).

However, when you add a DPH42 switch to a stock Travler, there are no problems (so far).

DPH42 Switch and Power Inserter

Ann’s Italian Restaurant – We’re Home


Jan tells me we’ve been dining at Ann’s since the late 1980s when we lived in nearby Greendale.


The best pizza — no, the best food — we’ve tasted. Please take our endorsement seriously. Jan and I are now multi-state pizza connoisseurs. We dine out as often as possible. We plan to have this phrase chiseled on our tombstone — “They dined well”.

Restaurateurs Jeff and Tom run Ann’s which features a superb Italian menu and an excellent wait staff and service. After arriving in Milwaukee, Ann’s was the first place we stopped.

When you’re in the neighborhood, stop in. You won’t leave disappointed.

Tom & Jeff

Wonder Woman @ the Bonham

Gal Gadot as WW

So we caught the 2 pm matinee of Wonder Woman at the Bonham Theater & Video in Prairie du Sac.


Bonham Theater & Video

Even if you don’t care for the genre, looking at Gal Gadot for a couple of hours is really ok.

Jan loved it. Would love to watch the movie with a women-only audience.

And now this . . .



Taliesin Panorama – that’s the “Bird walk” on the left (click to enlarge)

We took a 2-hour tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Spring Green’s Taliesin and Hillside. We thought a 2-hour tour might be too much, especially since it’s getting warmer outside.

Were we wrong. There was so much to see. Incredible.

Happy 150th Birthday, Frank.


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