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On a Roll

Since there’s not much grass in the dessert, Ellie is making the most of our campground lawn . . .

The Silver Miner in Site #60

I guess this is #2 in my “The People You Meet” series . . .

The Georgian (US, not Soviet) in Site #60 owns and operates several mines, a few of which are in this area. He camps here for a month at a time and works his local silver mine.

He showed me ore samples from 4 of his mines — 2 silver and 2 gold. In the photo below, he said that the ore on the lower left produced 2,000 ounces of silver per ton while the ore on the upper left produces over 6,000.

The two samples on the left are from gold mines.

There's Silver In Them There Hills

There’s Silver In Them There Hills

It just looked like colored rocks to me, but I’m not in the business.

Anyway, he said some folks from Beverly Hills are interested in buying one of his silver mines.

He also said he locates sunken treasure and was planning a trip to England to check out a site.

Who knows?


Jan and I spent Saturday morning at Manzanar. Here is what we saw . . .

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