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WiFiRanger Core & SkyPro

WiFiRanger Core & SkyPro

As most full timers know (or find out), getting reliable Internet access on the road can be problematic. Campground WiFi is notoriously sketchy.

We’ve been fortunate this year. The majority of campgrounds we stayed in had “decent” WiFi. To me, that means reliable download speeds of 1 Mbps or greater.

When there’s no WiFi available, we have a 60 GB Verizon cellular data plan that we  can use for Internet access. However, sometimes this isn’t enough broadband data because we like to stream YouTube and Netflix videos. Streaming video sucks up gobs of broadband data, so we try to use WiFi when we can.

SkyPro Rooftop Install

To enhance nearby WiFi hotspots, we started using the WiFiRanger Core router. The Core creates a list of local WiFi hotspots and lets you select one to use for all your RV devices.

Core WiFi Hotspots (click to enlarge)

We used it for about a month and decided to add the optional rooftop SkyPro. A SkyPro extends the range of a Core and can boost WiFi speeds. Here’s the list of WiFi hotspots that appeared after we added the SkyPro to our Core:

Core + SkyPro (click to enlarge)

Also, with a SkyPro attached to our Core we saw a significant increase in signal strength and speed:

The Results

The Core and SkyPro can be purchased separately or together.

Back in Wisconsin

IL to WI – Loved Savanna, IL

SPRING GREEN, WI — Once again Jan drove most of the way from Geneseo, IL to Spring Green, WI. Apparently, she trusts my navigation skills more than my driving. Fair assessment.

It was a perfect Spring day. Temps in the 70s, partly cloudy, and most of our drive was along lazy 2-lane highways through small towns along the Mississippi. Loved it.

Wally — Galena was good. Savanna was superb. Check it out.

Some photos . . .

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Lincoln Museum

SPRINGFIELD, IL — We toured the Lincoln Museum Thursday morning. The tour started in a replica of Lincoln’s Indiana log cabin and ended with his assassination. Historical actors, dioramas, and various other exhibits were used to document his life. Very interesting.

My takeaway: one of Lincoln’s dogs was name Fido.

Lincoln’s Indiana Home


Lincoln Cabinet Diorama

Heading North – Part Deux

May – June – Part of July

There Be Chickens!

Whittington Woods Campground

So we pulled into the campground this afternoon and off to the side were a bunch (flock? gaggle?) of chickens.

A campground first. Very cool. The owners even offered us some free eggs.

After settling in, we decided to introduce Flirt to the chickens who were right outside our RV door (turn up your volume) . . .