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Good News, Bad News


We’re in a Mississippi campground right on the Gulf of Mexico.

A “Brochure” View from Our RV Front Window

BAD NEWS . . .

There’s a leak in the roof. I was watching a large storm surrounding us on my computer when I felt water on my leg. After turning on a few lights, right above me I discovered a fairly steady dripping from the roof into the electronics cabinet — the absolute best place for dripping water. Very, very, very lucky to have been awake for all this. Nothing appears to be damaged.

So I did the standard bucket-under-the-leak trick, hoping this will suffice until I can get on the roof in the morning. By the way, while we don’t carry a spare roof, we do have all the stuff to repair it.

Anyway, I’ll be up for a few hours while this storm works its way across the Gulf.

We Are Somewhere

Finally, a shoutout to Jan who drove the entire distance today from our last campground in Henderson, LA to Waveland, MS. It was rain all the way plus an incredibly slowwwwwwww drive through Baton Rouge.