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Satellite Internet for RVers

One of the newest satellite Internet options for RVers is from Real-Time Communications (RTC) introduced in June 2015.

It’s the first satellite “spot beam” Internet broadband solution — the Hughes Network Systems KA HN 9000 Spaceway Service:

RTC KA Portable .74 M Dish (click to enlarge)

RTC KA Portable .74 M Dish (click to enlarge)

The KA band system is currently available for $1000. For an 18-month contract, you get 20GB per month for $99/month. Maximum download speed is 5 Mbps and maximum upload is 1 Mbps.

Service is currently available for only the Continental US:

Spaceway Internet Service (click to enlarge)

Spaceway Internet Service (click to enlarge)

RTC claims it only takes 45 minutes to set up the portable dish which includes the following (click on a picture for slideshow):


RTC Website:

Installation Manual: 0.74M Ka-Band Antenna Installation Guide

Modem Specifications: HN9000 Broadband Satellite Modem

RTC Mobile KA Internet Mobile Access Letter: System Description


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