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Donut Run

Ok, enough of the healthy senior meals . . .


Nestled in the back corner of a small Mariposa parking lot on main street is donut heaven – Donuts A Go-Go.

Open 5 or 6, or sometimes 4, days a week, you had better get there when it opens at 7 am. Otherwise, you run the risk that a pickup full of construction workers will buy out most of the donuts in one fell swoop. Regardless, by 8 am or so, it’s Donuts A No-No.

My Piece(s) of Heaven Today

Our First Senior Meal

Besides Medicare, free meals are another senior perk we love.

The Mariposa Senior Center offers almost free senior lunches most days of the week.

They even provide a meal schedule! (Our 1st meal circled above)

That BBQ beef was soooo good.


For the first time in MONTHS, it rained today . . .

So our total rainfall for the year is . . . wait for it . . .

13.32 inches! (Normal is about 39 inches, so we have a bit to go.)

In other news . . .

Weather Station Moved to Permanent Location


UPDATE (7/19): Fire is now 100% contained! However, the River Fire grew to over 9,600 acres.

UPDATE (7/12): We woke up to an acrid smoke haze this morning, but it cleared by the afternoon as the wind changed. The River Fire is now 9,000 acres and 10% contained. The Highway 41 road into Yosemite is threatened.

About 5:30 pm (our time) today I noticed what I thought was a developing thunderhead in the distance . . .

The River Fire

Nope. It wasn’t thunderclouds. It was smoke from a nearby fire — dubbed the River Fire. The fire is about 15 miles from us here in Mariposa.

What started as an 80-acre fire bloomed to a 2500-acre fire a fire hours later.

From 80 to 2500 acres in a few hours

So, we have our “Go” bags ready. We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a link to the CAL FIRE web page on the River Fire:


At about 3:50 PM Pacific Time I was in our living room working at my computer when I felt a deep shaking.

I thought it was one of the large trucks who use Idlewheels RV park as a turnaround for large vehicles. Our campground roads are over 30′ wide.

However, the shaking become stronger and stronger and Jan said “It’s an earthquake”.

We’ve been in a couple of quakes before when we worked in Bishop, CA which is on the eastern side of the Sierras, but this one was much stronger.

The quake only lasted several seconds, but it was creepy . . . and exciting.