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Our First Fire

Live Oak Fire on 5/27/21

It started on Thursday afternoon when Jan and a neighbor noticed CAL Fire aircraft circling overhead.

We think it was a fire tracker and a tanker aircraft like those below . . .


Fire Tanker

Next stop . . . Google . . .

Turned out that the aircraft were probably overhead for the Live Oak Fire which was already on the CAL Fire ( web site:

CAL Fire Website is a Superb Source

The fire is about 3 miles (as the crow flies) from us here in Idlewheels RV Park. Close enough to be concerned, but so far the prevailing winds are blowing South East, away from us:

We Sold Our RV

Citrus Heights Buyers

We put our 2001 Newmar Mountainaire on the online RV Trader ( about a month ago.

During that time we only had about a dozen inquiries and only two couples stopped by — one a looky loo and the other a young Silicon Valley couple who examined our RV for about 3 hours and took dozens of photos. Neither of these two resulted in a sale.

Three Hours & Dozens of Photos Later

Then about a week ago Jan put an ad for our Newmar on Facebook Marketplace in a few cities in our area. That did the trick. Last Saturday we accepted an offer from a Citrus Heights couple. On Sunday they arrived with a bag full of cash, then drove off into the sunset (literally) with their Newmar.

C’est la vie.

We feel bittersweet as the sale marks the end of an era with us. We bought our Newmar in 2010 and have tons of memories in that RV. However, the sale allows us to pay off our manufactured home mortgage and then some. So that’s good.

Now what?

We still plan to travel, but differently. I’d like to take a few train trips and Jan wants to fly.

I think we’ll still keep this blog going . . . just with a different focus. See you soon.