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What I Did to My Class A Today

Can You Hear Me Now?

First, I think it pays to be close to a cell tower. I’m pretty sure that we’re parked right under a Verizon tower . . . today’s cell download speed was about 50 Mbps, yesterday it was 90 Mbps.

What I Did To My Class A Today

I “fixed” my shower door so it wouldn’t fall off after traveling.

Shower Door

On our shower door’s top hinge, there’s a pin that holds the door on. Sometimes after a long trip, the pin would work its way out. We wouldn’t notice anything was wrong until we tried opening the shower door — then it would fall out into our hands.

I tried using duct tape to hold the pin in place, but it didn’t work well and it looked really dumb — as duct tape fixes typically do.

So I drilled a small hole through the hinge and the pin. Really slowwwww work. Then I inserted a wire to hold the pin in place. Voila! It still looks pretty dumb, so I’ll use a small screw in place of the wire . . . later.

Better Than Duct Tape

Pioneer RV Beach Resort — Port Aransas, TX

Pioneer RV Resort (click to enlarge)

We’ve been wanting to get into this park for a couple of years . . . and we’re here for a month.

Walk This Way

It’s just a short walk to the Gulf of Mexico.


San Antonio Missions

San Antonio Missions

We took a day to visit three of the five missions in San Antonio. While the Alamo is one of the five, it is not part of the National Historical Park. The four missions part of the park are

  • Mission Concepcion
  • Mission San Jose
  • Mission Espada
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

We visited Mission Concepcion and San Jose. There are all located with a few miles of each other. Mission San Jose was the most impressive, mainly because of its size.



River Walk & the Alamo

River Walk Area (click to enlarge)

We drove to down town San Antonio and went to the River Walk area first because we were hungry. We ended up splitting an enchiladas meal at an outdoor cafe. The meal included the best tortillas we ever had.

After lunch we took a boat tour of the River Walk . . .

When the tour finished, we walked over to the Alamo . . .

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

We’re in San Antonio now. Jan suggested a road trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch about 20 miles outside of San Antonio. It’s a wildlife habitat that you can drive through . . .