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Splendid(e) Deconstruction

Splendide 2000 Washer/Dryer

Splendide 2000 Washer/Dryer

The Splendide 2000 washer/dryer that came with our RV finally gave up the ghost last summer.

We didn’t use it much, but occasionally the little washer/dryer came in handy . . . if you didn’t mind incredibly small loads — a towel or two or several pairs of socks. Not much more, really.

I used it in cold weather to warm up my shower towel. Very nice.

The Splendide was at least as old as our RV (~ 15 years old), so it certainly came as no surprise when the tiny washer/dryer stopped working.

Well, it worked, but not automatically — you had to be around to manually advance the washer controller through each cycle. Also, the Spendide had the bad habit of just stopping with a full load of water.

It was time to retire the washer/dryer.

However, it took me several months to work up the gumption to take it out of our RV. My main de-motivator was the Splendide’s weight — about 300 pounds. I didn’t know how I’d wrestle it out of the RV, and I certainly couldn’t lift it.

Solution: De-construction. I took it apart.

Many, many parts

Many, many parts


Some pretty heavy parts

Some pretty heavy parts

But after a few hours . . .

Using a Hopper 3 with the Winegard Travler

After about two months of testing, it looks like DISH’s new 16-tuner Hopper 3 will work with the automatic rooftop Winegard Travler dish.

Though a standard DISH Travler will have to be modified, this allows a game-changing satellite DVR system to be used in an RV.

As of today, it looks like I am the only person to test DISH’s new Hopper 3 with a modified Winegard Travler. Though I claim bragging rights, consider this . . . you may want to wait until other folks report their success (or failure) with this system before doing it yourself.

For details, see Hopper 3 & the Winegard Travler.

Also, Hopper 3 Feature Sheet (PDF)