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Mind Those Flash Flood Advisories

About 6 inches deep behind us — but the wall held !

Satellite Internet for RVers Update

The Famous Blue LED Dish

The Satellite Internet for RVers section has been updated with a brief history of satellite RV use.

Information on current Automatic and Manual satellite Internet systems and plans remain to be completed. Soon.

Plastic Storage Tubes

Adjustable Plastic Document Storage Tubes — 7″ diameter (left) & 2.5″ diameter (right)

Actually they’re called document storage tubes, but what’s in a name.

Necessity drove me to discover these adjustable wonders.

I needed a safe place to store some unwieldy satellite dish parts. Mmmmmm . . . what to do?

A Google search of “plastic storage tube” yielded several different sizes — both length & diameter — of adjustable tubes.

Adjustable Length


And my large tube (7-inch diameter) fit the bill for unwieldy satellite parts storage . . .

It Slices, It Dices

More Info on Our HughesNET Gen 5 Sat System

Projects > HughesNET Gen 5 Satellite Internet  – I added more information on our new portable satellite system

Also, planning a major update to the Satellite Internet for RVers section over the next week. Watch for details.

New AC, New Campsite


Out with the old, In with the new

If you’ve been following along, then you know we were having issues with one of our air conditioners (see Hot Springs, Hot RV from June 6).

Our AC was cycling on an off like clockwork — 6 minutes on, 6 minutes off, over and over. However, it recently became worse, cooling for 3 minutes, but then blowing warm air for 3. Temperatures in June have been in the low 100s or high 90s. Our single AC unit couldn’t keep up.

So enough was enough. We had a local shop order a new AC and install it. A few hours after the installation, we were in coolness again.


We moved to a new campsite just a few doors (make that “driveways”) away from us.

I don’t know why we didn’t move earlier. Our new home is heaven — particularly dog heaven as it has a lawn so Flirt can roll on her back to her heart’s content.

As you can see, we’re right under a couple of trees. It took some fine driving (kudos, Jan) to wedge our way between the two trees . . .

A Whole Inch to Spare

When we look out our windows now, we see lawn and trees, but I think the best view is from our shower’s skylight . . .

Shower with a View