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Hualapai Mountain Park Campground

Hualapai Campground Ranger Office (Photo taken from the RV campground above)

We tool a day trip to the Hualapai Mountain Park Campground near Kingman, AZ. The idea was to scout out the campground. It was great!

Hualapai Campground RV Sites

We were here a few years ago and things have changed for the better. Several new sites were added to this county campground and Verizon has cell towers near the campground.

Verizon LTE !

The campground is at about 6500 feet and today the temperatures were in the mid 50’s. There was a bit of snow on the mountains, but we were told that there had been very little snow this winter.

We’ll be back.

One of Several Cabins Build by the CCC


Haven’t Seen This in a While

Rummage Sale

On Saturday in Crazy Horse there was a park wide rummage sale. We participated to unload lots of accrued stuff . . .

Mostly it was used DISH Network dishes, switches, connectors, etc. However, our $1 bucket saved the day. We made $30 and the day was beautiful with temps in the 70s!




Open House & Packed Campground

Wall-To-Wall RVers (click on photo to enlarge)

We held our first open house for our Park Model this Sunday and it went off ok. Had about a dozen or so couples take a tour and a few seemed pretty interested. We’ll see. The weather forecast said high winds with 50 mph gusts, but that didn’t happen. It was a beautiful day.

Meanwhile, back in the Crazy Horse Campground, it was crowded as hell this weekend . . . there was an Airstream Rally plus the annual Western Pyrotechnics Association fireworks.

They’re So Bright, You Can See Them from Space


Even tent campers !!!

Fixin’ Stuff

Wall-To-Wall RVs (click on photo to enlarge)

It’s February and Crazy Horse Campground is full of snow birds.

For the last month or so, I’ve been fixing things in our RV. Oh joy. Here’s what I’ve been up to . . .


The bathroom sink caulk needed replacing, so I did:

Fresh Caulk – nothing prettier



“Tom, why is our water green?”

So I checked the filters in our motorhome’s water compartment, and sure enough, there was a definite green tint in our sediment filter. Mmmmm . . . I had a bad feeling about this.

To check my suspicions, a used a couple of cotton swabs and wiped the inside of my water hose . . .

It’s green


Next, I cut off a small length of water hose and sliced it open . . .

It’s Algae

We probably picked up the algae while we were on the road last Summer. Ugh.

There’s no easy way to get rid of it, so I ended up replacing our 35-foot water hose and nuking our RV plumbing with a heavy doses of bleach. Fingers crossed.



While we were traveling last Summer, I noticed that one of our holding tank gate valves was leaking. So I ended up replacing both the gray tank and black tank gate valves . . .

Water Compartment


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



About 5 years ago, I did some repairs on our RV’s roof and put down some Eternabond tape along the roof seams.

Eternabond Tape

However, after 5 years under the SouthWest sun, the tape was beginning to deteriorate . . .

Failing Tape

Sooooooo, I had to remove the old tape and then apply the new tape — a slow, fairly arduous job. First, a heat gun is used to heat up the old tape. Then it’s slowly pulled off . . . and the tape adhesive is stickier than hell. This took a little over a month.



There are several “little” chores left, but the big stuff is dome.

Balloon Bust 2018

Well, it happened again . . . high winds put a kibosh on another balloon fest.

Havasu Balloon Fest 2018 (Friday, January 19th through Sunday, January 21st) fizzled from high winds and rumored bad balloon sites.

From what I saw the only hot air balloons that went aloft did so on Thursday morning, January 18th. Plus, I don’t think these balloons took off from the newly designated “Pilot Field” sites in the Lake Havasu State Park. Maybe it was all the food and entertainment vendors hemming in the Pilot Fields:

The New Balloon Lift Off Site

Rumor has it that the ballooners didn’t like the new Pilot Fields because they were too small and/or too close to the city.

Anyway, the only things I saw happening at the new Pilot Fields were eight balloons inflating and then deflating on Friday and Sunday mornings (Saturday was too windy). The balloons, however, never took off.

On Friday morning,  a lot of people — on the ground, on the lake, and in the air — were watching those eight balloons inflate/deflate.


On Sunday morning, I didn’t see a single boat watching the balloons.

Hats off to the nightly cover bands who had to perform in less than great weather conditions.