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Verizon Prepaid $65 Unlimited Jetpack DataPlan Ends 5/21/19

This data plan is a very good deal for RVers, especially full timers like myself.

In a nutshell, this Verizon plan provides a data plan with no caps (“unlimited”). However, the plan is networked managed which means from time to time you may experience slow downs in your data speed. This unlimited plan has been around for a while and, generally, people who have it like it. Here’s the poop from Mobile Internet Resource Center.

To get this plan, you’ll have to open a Verizon account. In fact even if you currently have Verizon service, it’s recommended that you open another account to ensure that Verizon doesn’t screw up your current service. This is what I did.


(1) Go to this Verizon Prepaid Plan Web Page

(2) Near the bottom of this page under Tablet & Jetpack Plans, select Shop now:

(3) Next, select an Internet device. NOTE: It’s been reported that the 8800 Jetpack is also available. However, you’ll have to talk a salesman into selling you one:

I went with the unpopular USB730L


(4) Finally, after selecting a device, you select the Unlimited data plan from this page:

The plan will cost $65/month if you sign up for Auto Pay


Here are the plan specifics (“fine print”):

Mariposa Grove

Click on map to enlarge

Earlier last week we took a day trip to the Mariposa Giant Sequoia Grove about 20 miles up the road from our campground.

Some photos from our trip . . .



Wild fire Damage along the Highway 41 to the grove


More wild fire damage









Fire Damage in the Grove

Journey to Yosemite (Oakhurst, CA)

Click on map to enlarge

After two days at the Success Lake campground, we hit the road for our next campground in Oakhurst, CA. We followed Highway 99 to Fresno and then Highway 41 to Oakhurst.

On our way to Oakhurst, it was orange grove after orange grove after orange grove. What was really strange was seeing lush green orange groves surrounded by parched, brown grasslands. Madera County was a treat — rolling hills, huge granite formations, and the Sierra mountains in the near distance.

Madera County – 1


Madera County – 2


We arrived at our campground about 2 pm. While it’s no RV “resort”, our camp site sits just above the Fresno River.



Site 44



We’re going exploring tomorrow . . . bought a cantaloupe that must have been grown locally because it was awesome !!! More later.

Tule Campground @ Success Lake (Porterville, CA)

Click on map to enlarge

Elevation: 659 feet

It was only a couple hour drive from the Mojave campground to our next stop at the COE (Corps Of Engineers) Tule campground on Success Lake.

We’re used to going up Highway 395 to Bishop and seeing the eastern side of the Sierras. However, this time we’re traveling up the western side to Yosemite.

It’s only a two-day stay so we’re kicking back and enjoying the view . . .

Our Site 52 – a pull through


Looking East towards the Sierras


Rent a Pontoon


Flirt chillin’

On the Road Again (Mojave, CA)

Last Night in LHC (London Bridge at sunset)

As much as we’ll miss our Crazy Horse park model (or “home”), we have a lot to see this summer.

Our jacks were fixed in a day by 3-Ts RV Products in Lake Havasu City. They answered all our questions, and we highly recommend them. It seems that the 40A fuse holder for our hydraulic jacks melted! They explained how we could raise up the jacks ourselves if this happens again.

However, we discovered a not-so-slow leak in one of our Jeep tires. So this morning Jan took our Jeep to Big O Tires to get it fixed. We figured it might take longer than one day to plug the leak or get a new tire. But we caught a break. The Big O techs removed a screw from the tire and plugged the tire at no charge — and this all took a few hours so we were on the road by 11 am.

Our Mojave Camp Site


Those are the Sierra Mountains behind our RV