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We “armored” our Jeep

UnderCloak System

Our 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is our daily driver so we’ve been skittish to do much off roading. In fact after the Wisconsin Jeep Jamboree last July, we swore off off roading until we figured out how to protect our daily driver.

There’s basically two methods or a combination of the two: (1) “lift” the Jeep or (2) armor it. Lifting allows you to put on larger tires which raises the Jeep up. This allows you to miss objects in the road that you would normally hit if not lifted up. Armor is just protection, usually metal, that you can add to the front, back, sides, and underneath your Jeep.

Our first Jeep, a 1993 Jeep Wrangler, was lifted about 4 inches. It could travel over most trail obstacles, but the ride was awful. It really wasn’t a daily driver.

Since we were worried that “lifting” our 2008 Jeep might ruin its rather smooth ride, armor it was!

This Wednesday we had the UnderCloak Integrated Armor System installed. Our Jeep is now a couple hundred pounds heavier as the metal armor is 3/16-inch steel . . .

Underneath the Front of the Jeep


Underneath the Rear of the Jeep


Here’s a parts breakdown . . .


Chillin’ in LHC

Flirt in repose.

We dropped off our Jeep in town for some “under armor” (more on that later) and decided to walk back to Crazy Horse.

So we took some tourist pics on the London Bridge . . .

Who are these guys?


And made a tourist movie . . .



Then stopped for breakfast . . .



Happy New Year!

Jan & I & Flirt took a walk around the campground on New Year’s Eve to see what’s to be seen on this full moon night.

Lots of “local” fireworks going off in LHC and lots of campground Xmas decorations . . .

Tricked Out 5th Wheel


Tricked Out Park Model


Penis in the Plaza

A Great Xmas Gift

Our Motorhome

Our RV is now parked right under our Crazy Horse park model. This is a big deal.

We have some work to do on our RV (like “re-tape” the roof), so having our motorhome right next to us is a VBD (Very Big Deal). Instead of driving 10 miles to where we had it stored, we can now walk to it. Huzzah!

BTW, Merry Christmas!

Lotsa Noise & Dust — Round 8 Big6 GP Series Racing

Noticed a mess of campers on the ridge opposite our park model + clouds of dust above the campers . . .

Flirt and I took a walk over to the ridge and discovered Round 8 of the District 37 AMA Big6 Grand Prix Series hosted by the Vikings MC / . . .