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Lake McClure – Barrett Cove Campground

We camped at Barrett Cove Campground for 4 nights starting April 11. We loved it. We will definitely be back.

Barrett Cove Campground is about an hour drive from Mariposa

Barrett Cove has 249 camp sites, most of which have water and electric service, but many of the sites have full hookups (water, electric, and sewer).

The campground is part of the Merced Irrigation District who have upgraded many camp sites to full hookups this year. Kudos!

Campground Map

However, as luck had it the site we reserved was in the middle of being upgraded so we were given another site . . . one that turned out to be much much better.

Our site K-3

We took other pictures of our campsite, but this was the only one that wasn’t blurred.

There were 3 cabins near us that can be rented.



Barrett Cove has a couple of 2- to 3-mile hiking trails – a Peninsula Trail and a Woodland Trail. We hiked each of them on separate days.

Our campsite was near the trail heads of two trails.

View looking south

Flirt & Company along the Peninsula Trail

At the end of the Peninsula Trail

Along the Woodland Trail

Woodland Trail panorama

At the end middle of the Woodland Trail, near site 67 (which had pretty good cell coverage)


We’ve discovered that the Acorn Woodpecker can really wreak havoc on wood, especially telephone poles . . .

The Acorn Woodpecker’s handiwork

Apparently metal screening defeats the woodpeckers

During one of our hikes, we discovered an Osprey nest.

Finally, on one of our last days a lone peacock discovered us.

The peacock stared at its reflection in a cabin door window for long periods of time

When you Google “are peacocks stupid”, here’s what you get . . .

“They’re super-dumb birds. They may be beautiful, but they’re dumb. They’ll open their tail feathers for a pigeon.”

From our experience, this seems to be true.

Our peacock was fearless, or just dumb


We have used a Demco braking system on both the Newmar Mountain Aire, our previous RV, and our current National RV Sea View.

Motorhome-Towed Car braking system ensure that the car’s brakes are applied whenever the RV brakes are used. This assists the overall braking, especially while traveling down grades. Very important.

The Newmar used the Demco Air Force One system and our Sea View uses the Stay-IN-Play DUO braking system.

Anyway, our Demco system came with a plug-in box that indicates when the car’s brakes are applied.

Car Brakes OFF

RED LIGHTS = Car Brakes ON. Very satisfying.

Garden Update – 4/26/22

A late season frost one night did in a few of our grape vines and Jan’s tomato plant gave up the ghost, but, otherwise, our plants be a-blooming . . .

Roses have started coming in

The Flame grape vine has really taken off, so we added a trellis

Concord grape vine is coming along slowly but surely

We’re anxiously awaiting Jan’s veggies

Don Pedro Reservoir – Fleming Meadows

We camped here for four days starting on April 7th.

Our Backyard

Bad First Impression – Former camper’s garbage

Our Site

The Meadow Side View

First time we tried our “cheater”

Very Low Reservoir – click on photo to see full panorama

Turkeys everywhere

Why We Probably Won’t Be Back

Fees, fees, fees

And Then There Were Two

Say hello to the Flame Seedless table grape . . .

Flame on the left, Concord on the right

By the way, we purchased the Flame vine, potting soil, and the half wine barrel at a local store.

The wine barrel was 1/2 what I paid for the other wine barrel that I bought on Amazon. Imagine, inexpensive wine barrels in California. Who would have thought? Duh.

Lots of leaves . . .

The Future