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How to tell if there’s a Car Show in town

The Morning After . . .


The morning after the 2019 IJSBA World Finals held at Crazy Horse Campgrounds . . .





The smell of beer was strong



And now this . . . 3 minutes of Flirt & Ollie playing . . .


Windy Day



From about 3:30 am when I woke up, the wind has been fierce in LHC. Last night it sounded like our metal garage roof was coming off. Gusts in the 50 mph range I hear.

The wind has slacked off, but we have another day of wind. Time to binge watch moreĀ Terrace House.

Since we live in the desert South West, wind means sand . . . everywhere.

Outside . . .

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Inside . . .

It crawled under the door


Despite all the wind, some die-hard jet skiers were out on the lake . . .



Kicking Back

Another one of those spectacular desert skies

While we wait for our friends and all the other snow birds to arrive in Crazy Horse, we’ve just been kicking back, staying in low gear, and enjoying the views.

While others work around us (particularly the campground workers), we’re sitting on our porch, walking in the campground, and taking Flirt for a swim.

Busy park workers digging trenches for new electric lines


G & J Rows should be rewired by November


A sparsely populated campground