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It Started Small, but then . . .

This . . .

Became This 9-inch Windshield Crack

I looked up at the windshield and this huge crack suddenly appeared in our Jeep’s windshield Saturday afternoon.

So who do you call?

These Guys

An hour and a half after arriving in the Merced auto glass shop, we were done!

Out with the Old . . . Excellent service for a low price.

PG&E Gifted Us

As part of their Energy Savings Assistance Program two PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) reps gave us a Kohler enCUBE 1.8, replaced a dozen or so of our electric bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs, and replaced four of our ugly ceiling lights with less ugly lights. All for free!

What’s the catch? Nothing.

enCUBE 1.8

This is a lithium-ion battery backup unit. For example, if we lost power to our house (this has happened once), then we could use the enCUBE to power a couple of things like our fridge. However, you can’t power a whole house on one of these things. But, hey, it’s free.

Also, the enCUBE could come in handy for RV boondocking.

enCUBE 1.8 with its portable solar panel charger system

Hooking Up Solar Panels is Fool Proof

Plenty of Power Outlets


PG&E Replaced 4 of Our Old Ceiling Lights

California Poppy

The California state flower – Eschscholzia Californica.

Last weekend we took a trip towards Yosemite to the Indian Flat Picnic Site on the Merced River and, surprise, had a picnic.

But the main reason for the trip was to see all the California Poppies blooming. A friend of Jan’s at Idlewheels told her about the seasonal poppy show so we took Flirt and the Jeep up the road.

The weather was outstanding. Mild 70s all the way. Not the kind of Wisconsin Spring we’re used to. Much of our trip up was alongside the Merced River, and we got to see a party of rafters coming down the river.

However, the highlight of the trip were the orange poppies, fields of them on the mountain sides. The photos really don’t do them justice, but here they are . . .