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“Isle of Dogs” Clip Leaves Flirt Wanting More


No animals were hurt in the making of this film. “Isle of Dogs” trailer.

Cracks & Chair in a Box


I’ve been watching a wood crack in our RV’s China cabinet grow longer and longer. So before we get on the road again, I though I’d better fix it before the cabinet falls off the wall.

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A few hours after the China cabinet was fixed, I discovered a crack in the Corian cover over our RV stove. Job security. More on this later.


Jan wanted an alternative to laying on our coach. Google search . . . Result = Lambright Lazy Relaxor Lite Recliner. So we ordered one 5 weeks ago and Jan’s chair arrived unassembled in a box:

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Our first impressions — thumbs up.

And Now This . . .

Some things that have happened over the past few weeks (in no particular order) . . .


About a week ago as we were watching TV, we saw flashing red lights across the street from us. We went outside and discovered that a friend of ours had taken a hard fall. At our ages that could be serious (said the guy who fell out of his RV front door and sprained his leg).

She was taken to the local emergency room. Luckily, just a couple of scrapes — nothing serious.



When we’re on the road, we rely on a USB modem and router for accessing the Internet. Our cellular data carrier, Verizon, informed me that my current USB modem (which I bought in 2012) was now obsolete. Great.

So I had to upgrade to a newer USB modem, the 730L.

However, when I plugged my new 730L in our MBR95 router, nothing happened. No Internet connection. Nada. Found out that my MBR95 router does not support the 720L. Double great.

I like Cradlepoint equipment, so after a little research found out that there was another Cradlepoint router (MBR1200B) that works with the 730L.

However, once again, when I plugged in my new 730L modem into the new MBR1200B, nothing happened. Grrrrr. After a call to Cradlepoint technical support (great guys, BTW), I was informed that I had to upgrade my MBR1200B’s software. Did that. It all works now. So much for simplicity.




Whenever our California neighbor next door arrives, they usually bring their dog Ollie, an Australian Shepherd, and the two love playing with each other . . .


After a day of play, Flirt hits the sheets . . .



. . . but not before catching up on wildlife TV . . .


Hualapai Mountain Park Campground

Hualapai Campground Ranger Office (Photo taken from the RV campground above)

We tool a day trip to the Hualapai Mountain Park Campground near Kingman, AZ. The idea was to scout out the campground. It was great!

Hualapai Campground RV Sites

We were here a few years ago and things have changed for the better. Several new sites were added to this county campground and Verizon has cell towers near the campground.

Verizon LTE !

The campground is at about 6500 feet and today the temperatures were in the mid 50’s. There was a bit of snow on the mountains, but we were told that there had been very little snow this winter.

We’ll be back.

One of Several Cabins Build by the CCC


Haven’t Seen This in a While

Rummage Sale

On Saturday in Crazy Horse there was a park wide rummage sale. We participated to unload lots of accrued stuff . . .

Mostly it was used DISH Network dishes, switches, connectors, etc. However, our $1 bucket saved the day. We made $30 and the day was beautiful with temps in the 70s!