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The Reason for My Absence


On Friday, July 28th, our first day back on the road, I tripped as I was exiting our RV and sprained my ankle.

It was an “Aw shit” moment when you realize there’s nothing you can do as all your weight suddenly falls on a 90-degree bent ankle. Many, many profanities.

However, after a week and a half of crutches, ice packs, and elevated feet, I can now hobble around pretty good.

In the interim, Jan has had to do everything, and learn some new skills.

In short, just a mega bummer for us, especially coming right after our expensive engine repair. Yikes!

But we’re back on the road again and heading West.

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  1. #

    Am sorry for all your pain and discomfort. Also sorry for Jan having to pick up the slack in RV/travel duties. Hope everyone is healed. Hurry on West! And just say NO to any more accidents. Kath

    August 7, 2017
  2. emhuze609 #

    On the road again… Yay!!!


    August 8, 2017

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