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The 7 Plagues?

When I sprained my angle, I thought it was the 3rd in a series of “bad luck” events — first, our Jeep needed fixing, then our RV needed major engine work, and third, my sprain.

So I thought some numerology was involved . . . bad things come in threes, the 3rd wave, and so on.

But then a few days ago we discovered our Jeep signal and brake lights were no longer operating when the Jeep was connected to the RV.

Our Jeep-RV Hookup

Though our RV’s rear signal lights are working just fine, we’ll need to get it fixed or risk being pulled over. So we’re stopping at a Cummins repair shop in Fargo, ND on Wednesday. Hopefully, it’s a quick fix. He rolls his eyes.

Then today I noticed that one of our water filters was getting prematurely fouled . . . it was turning green. Immediately I figured it was some kind of algae contamination in our water system. On a hunch, I swiped a cotton swab on the inside of the hose:

Yep, looks like algae

So . . . figuring the 35-foot hose on our water hose reel was contaminated, I used a spare water hose we had to “bypass” our current system.

Water Hose Bypass

A busy day.

Anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom, just life on the road in a moving house.

There are other moments . . .

Who’s couch?