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Sand Storm!

Looks Fierce

About 6:30 pm MST, we spotted a line of strong storms approaching from the east — very unusual as most storms go west to east.

Anyway, we were looking forward some thunder, lightning, and so on. No such luck. Turned out to be strong winds blowing sand around and a haboob south of us. Cough, cough. Holy Dustbowl, Batman.



Previously that afternoon . . .

Our 19-gallon water heater leaked itself to death. Luckily we were in our park model when the leaking started. Plumbers are coming out tomorrow afternoon. Do I hear $500? We’ll see.

Well, it is 16 years old

We’re Back!

Lake Havasu City in August (and June, July, and a lot of September)


We took a side trip to Mariposa, CA (more on this later) on our way and at a campground on our way made this film of Flirt . . .