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Thanksgiving @ Aquarius

Aquarius Buffet Menu

Aquarius Buffet Menu

We were all set to have Thanksgiving at Crazy Horse with the rest of the old fogies, but fate intervened.

We went to last year’s Crazy Horse Thanksgiving dinner, but this year there were supposed to be “table captains” in charge of the dinner. So the seating would be different.

Mmmmmm . . . change and old people. Think about it.

Apparently this went over like a fart in a nunnery. A day after Jan & I and Jim & Mariann (friends of ours) signed up at the Wisconsin table, the Table Captain of said table told Jim & Mariann that they would have to find another table. No room at the inn I guess.

All of us decided to look for a Thanksgiving Plan B.

Another couple suggested a buffet in Laughlin, NV. We all agreed, and the rest is history . . .

What a feast! And we got 25% off!

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DISH Anywhere & Sling

hopper-with-sling-logoJust finished testing this DISH TV feature. Watch your TV anywhere on the planet!

“Slinging” TV programs over the Internet was developed by Sling Media which was bought by EchoStar (aka DISH).

With a DISH Hopper with Sling, DirecTV’s DirecTV Everywhere, or Sling Media’s new Slingbox M1, you can watch (or “stream”) your TV programs on a computer, smartphone, or tablet (like an iPad) anywhere you have a good Internet connection.

For example, let’s say in your Detroit home you have a DISH Hopper with Sling that’s connected to the Internet. However, in Spring you visit relatives in Florida, but you want to watch a Detroit Tigers game. That could be tough in Florida. But since you have a Hopper with Sling, you download the DISH Anywhere app to your iPad, log into your DISH account, find the Tigers game on the DISH Anywhere iPad TV guide, and start watching baseball!

One proviso for those of us on the road . . .

Slinging TV video over the Internet can use a great amount of broadband data. If you’re getting your Internet over a cable TV line or a phone line, you have nothing to worry about because you’re data “allowance” is essentially unlimited

However, if you’re on a Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint cellular plan that only allows a fixed amount of data usage per month . . . be careful.

It’s Windy (and cold) Here!


Over the weekend we had some pretty good gusts over Lake Havasu — enough to rip the porch from one of the park units. There were also a couple of ripped awnings.

And insult to injury . . . temps dropped to the mid-40’s at night. Bring out that big quilt.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

My 1st alcoholic drink post — the Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . . zow!


  • Fireball cinnamon whiskey
  • Rum Chata (rum & cream)
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Ice




Add the following to the shaker . . .

  • Ice (fill shaker half full)
  • 2 oz Fireball whiskey
  • 2 oz Rum Chata
  • Shake vigorously!
  • Pour mixture into cordial glasses (~ 2 oz)
  • Sprinkle Cinnamon Sugar on top of each drink
  • Drink!






Jeepin’ to Crystal Mountain


Crystal Mountain Panorama (Click on the photo to enlarge) Our vehicles are on the far right.

On Monday morning several Crazy Horse residents (myself included) in three Jeeps and one Razor spend a half day in the desert. Our destination was “Crystal Mountain” — actually a spot along a power line mountain road where quartz crystals litter the hills.

We left at about 8:30 am and returned at 2:30 pm. It was one of the dustiest, bone-jarring rides of my life — I loved it. Anxious moments — getting too close to a tree and hitting a rock wall while navigating a narrow wash. I only hit the rock at about 5 mph, but it stopped the Jeep cold. Only damage was a scratched bumper.

Almost everyone in our group had years of experience driving in the desert, so I relied on them for navigating. There are no roads out there and GPS is pretty useless. Since our Jeeps (and the Razor) can kick up a lot of dust, it’s easy to lose track of the vehicle you’re following . . . and likewise easy to get lost out there.

One guy waited for me at a fork in the trail and signaled me when I took the wrong trail. Whew. If it wasn’t for him, I might still be out there driving around. Thanks Steve.

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