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Thanksgiving @ Aquarius

Aquarius Buffet Menu

Aquarius Buffet Menu

We were all set to have Thanksgiving at Crazy Horse with the rest of the old fogies, but fate intervened.

We went to last year’s Crazy Horse Thanksgiving dinner, but this year there were supposed to be “table captains” in charge of the dinner. So the seating would be different.

Mmmmmm . . . change and old people. Think about it.

Apparently this went over like a fart in a nunnery. A day after Jan & I and Jim & Mariann (friends of ours) signed up at the Wisconsin table, the Table Captain of said table told Jim & Mariann that they would have to find another table. No room at the inn I guess.

All of us decided to look for a Thanksgiving Plan B.

Another couple suggested a buffet in Laughlin, NV. We all agreed, and the rest is history . . .

What a feast! And we got 25% off!

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