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Solar Project Update – 2/3 Done!

It’s been almost 5 months since my last solar update and a lot has happened.

Here’s what transpired visually . . .

New Batteries – Check! New Inverter/Charger – Check! (Shaded area is completed.)

I installed the inverter over several days and finished this morning. With temperatures in the high 90s the last month, it’s only been possible to work in the early morning.

The solar panels and other equipment will be purchased in September and October as it’s too hot to do anything now. So the next solar project update will probably be in November.

New Batteries

The new battery box, AC and DC wiring, and new batteries were installed over March and April.

Created several ports for wire runs in the original battery box
AC & DC wiring had to be run from the new battery box into the compartment behind the RV door

Completed new battery box with vents (the top and front panels can be removed)

Inside the new battery box. The 400A T-fuse under the plastic case is missing. The thick wires above the battery box are AC power lines.


Running 50A AC lines from and back into the RV’s AC breaker panel proved to be a challenge.

Enough said.

On the plus side, I discovered wire ferrules which make working with stranded wire much much easier

Inverter Install

The Victron MultiPlus II inverter/charger was the latest equipment as the new batteries and wiring had to be completed first.

Victron equipment is very good. Well designed, very functional, and pricey. The MultiPlus II is no exception, but OMG it’s heavy (50 pounds) that had to lifted onto a metal hanger – that you can’t see as you lift.

50 pounds

Victron Blue

The Business End of the MultiPlus II

AC Output & AC Input cables added . . .

. . . VE.Bus communication lines (blue RJ45 cables) and Battery Cables (on the right)

Software Interfaces

There are many, many, many settings available on Victron equipment. For the most part, it is seamlessly handled automatically. However, there are (and continue to be) several “gotchas” that I discovered during MultiPlus II installation process. (The current one is “Storage” mode shown below.) But no game stoppers.

Touch 50 Display Screen – My favorite as it’s animated showing energy flow. Very cool.

The Touch 50 Display (called the “Remote Console”) can be accessed via the Internet using a smart phone or tablet. Very handy.

96 Degrees

A bit early for these temps and more heat on the way . . .

Our grapes are getting bigger