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We’re Back!

Arrived in LHC (Lake Havasu City) on Thursday afternoon.

Our last day of work in Bishop, CA was on Monday.

On Tuesday morning we took off for Victorville, CA and stayed in Shady Oasis Campground, a former KOA just off I-15.

Then on Wednesday morning we dropped our RV off at Colton Truck Terminal Garage, a diesel RV service center near San Bernadino. We were going to skip this year’s regular maintenance, but decided to stick with the plan. Good thing we did — found out our engine’s serpentine belt was cracked and had to be replaced. Yikes! Would have been very bad if the belt had broken when we were out on the road.

Anyway, we stayed at a hotel during the service visit and left San Bernadino about 4 pm.

We spent Wednesday night at Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, CA. Swank place, but hard as hell to get in and out of.

Drove the last 200 miles to LHC on Thursday morning.

BTW, Jan did all the driving this trip.

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Last Bishop Trip

Driving Towards the Sierras

Driving Towards the Sierras

Next Tuesday we leave Bishop and head back to Lake Havasu City for the Winter.

Though we’re anxious to get back to LHC, we are really going to miss the Sierra Nevadas so we took our final road trip Wednesday morning.

We went back up to South Lake which we visited in July.

The Road to South Lake

The Road to South Lake

We wanted to see the Fall colors, but discovered that the color had peaked at least one or two weeks before. C’est la vie.

Nevertheless, there were some intense areas of color plus we were able to get up close to the recent mountain snowfall. It was a good trip.

Finally, while the temperature in Bishop was about 55° — it was 40° in the mountains (9,800 feet up).

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A Short Visit to LHC

Our Neighbor's Pontoon Boat

Our Neighbor’s Pontoon Boat

We spent 3-days last week at our park model in Lake Havasu City. We spent a lot of the time cleaning the place and getting it ready for when we return at the end of the month.

But thank god that a neighbor friend of ours had just purchased a pontoon boat so we had some time off and a great boat ride.


Standing Room Only!


Our first Sold Out campground!

Wahoo!! It’s like a no hitter . . . we’re very impressed with ourselves, but in reality there’s a car show in town and you know Californians and their cars.

Anyway, as I type this, the RV windows are all open because it’s getting Fall-ish here in the Sierra Nevadas — it’s only in the 70s now. I heard there was snow above 10,000 feet near Yosemite.

Outside my my window I’m listening to these two very young Swiss girls play. They’re speaking in Italian and having a great time.

Next week we plan to take the car and Jeep back to our park model in Lake Havasu City. We’ll leave the Jeep and stay a couple days and get the park model ready for when we come back for good at the end of this month.

Time flew!