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New AV Wiring Diagrams

We’re in JW Wells State Park in Michigan, but here are some late-breaking Ottawa Lake photos (photos from JW Wells coming up soon) . . .

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I added several wiring AV diagrams I considered before finally installing a DISH Hopper and Joeys in our RV.

Ottawa Lake Campground — The “E1” Fix

Just when we thought our air conditioners were on the fritz and we envisioned leaving Ottawa Lake early to get them fixed, along came Horn’s RV.

Horn’s installed our new Penguin II ACs last year. After we got the dreaded “E1” error message, I gave them a call. Then they called Dometic, the manufacturer of our ACs, and they gave us a procedure for resetting our thermostat and air conditioners.

I performed the procedure and both our ACs came back to life!

Here’s the procedure which I “beefed up”: Dometic_CCC2_E1_Error_Recovery

Ottawa Lake Campground — Storms & the “E1” Code

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

We’re in the Ottawa Lake Campground near Dousman, WI, and the hits just keep on coming . . .

It’s not the storms, it’s the HUMIDITY. OMG! Take the dogs for a short walk and come back dripping wet. Yikes.

I’m watching the local weather report and it’s going to be warm & muggy for the rest of the week. Oh goody.

But, hey, we have two air conditioners, right? Well, not quite. We’re at 50% (1 AC) because of the dreaded E1 error code on our thermostat:

The dreaded Dometic E1 Error Code

The dreaded Dometic E1 Error Code

Basically, this just means that one of our ACs is not playing well with the thermostat. Since our ACs are under 1-year old, we’re covered by warranty, but it is a PITA because we’ll probably end up taking our RV back to the dealer who installed them — Horn’s RV in Sheboygan, WI. No rush though as long as we stay perfectly still inside the RV. Just kidding. However, Country Music USA plays through the weekend in Oshkosh, so we won’t be going anyplace till after that.

Could be far far worse. Jan tells me that THOUSANDS of people in parts of Minneapolis have been without power since Sunday.

Fond du Lac, WI — Eden KOA

We stopped here on Friday, June 22, for a 2-night stop over on our way to Ottawa Lake State Park.

As luck would have it, we’re in the crosshairs of another Spring storm that’s coming into our area. We can hear the thunder in the distance.


However, during the day on Saturday, Jan did the laundry and I did the grocery shopping. But before I went for food, I stopped by the first house we rented in Fond du Lac in 1976 when we were both high school teachers.

372 Evergreen Ave - Our 1st House

372 Evergreen Ave – Our 1st House

When Jan saw the house photo, she said “They paved the driveway!”

As I remember it, the front window leaked like a sieve and one of the basement walls was collapsing.

Fish Creek, WI — Peninsula State Park

Sunset in Peninsula State Park

Sunset in Peninsula State Park

We’ve been camping in Peninsula State Park since we bought our first RV 10 years ago. The park is one of Door County’s gems with a number of walking and biking trails, beaches, and rugged landscapes.

Our favorite Peninsula State Park campground is Weborg because there are only a handful of sites, some of which have a great view of Lake Michigan and their own “private” beach.

Here are some pics . . .

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