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Pepin, WI – Game of Thrones

The SeaLand Traveler 511 - Porcelain at Its Best

The SeaLand Traveler 511 – Porcelain at Its Best

In every life the rain must fall, and the same holds (no pun intended) for porcelain toilets.

Look what arrived in the mail . . .

Look what arrived in the mail . . .

After 12 years our SeaLand toilet gave up the ghost. Unlike conventional house heads which us a water trap to cap noxious odors, RV toilets use a valve to hold water.

However, over time the valve seal degrades, the water trap stops holding water, and the seal must be replaced.

To replace the seal, the toilet has to be removed, turned over, and a new valve installed. And there’s no guarantee that it will all work perfectly again.

So . . . I met this guy in our campground who ran an RV service and could get me a brand new SeaLand at cost. (It wasn’t like “Psst, buddy, want to buy a toilet”, but pretty close.)

A week later he arrived with a very heavy new porcelain throne.

Long story short . . . out with the old, in with the new . . . well, I did have to modify some of the old plumbing from the original toilet because RV service guy got the wrong toilet model. Oh, yeah, and then there were the fresh water leaks I had to fix.

But after half a day on my knees, it was all over. Ta da.

The New Throne Installed

The New Throne Installed