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Stockholm, WI

It's all about pies

It’s all about pies

In Stockholm, WI it’s all about pie . . .

Stockholm Pie Company

Stockholm Pie Company

Continuing with the food trend, both Jan and I made our own trips to the Stockholm Pie Company. This was on the advice of my sister Mary. Damn good advice may I add.

Neither Jan or I went for a whole pie because at 18-inches, they are a bit much. But you can buy by the slice which we did.

My pie of choice was Apple Crisp and Jan’s was Triple Berry.

Microwaved and ala mode — get outta here.

There's more to Stockholm than just pie

There’s more to Stockholm than just pie

Stockholm is pretty kitschy. Lots of quant, brightly-colored old buildings. Plenty of places to drop a few bucks (and then some).


However, there were also a lot of “Stop Sand Mining” signs all over the town.

I had no idea what sand mining was so I Googled it.

Digging a little deeper, I found that the sand that is mined is a special kind of sand (frac sand) used in fracking.

Because fracking has taken off, so has sand mining.

Pepin, WI – Why We Came Here

BBQ Pork Tenderloin

BBQ Pork Tenderloin

Food. That’s why we came to Pepin, WI.

Harbor View Cafe, Pepin, WI

Harbor View Cafe, Pepin, WI

In the mid-90’s we took a road trip in our 1982 Nissan 280ZX (the car that talks).

Aside: This was the car we drove one summer to the El Tovar Hotel overlooking the Grand Canyon.

Anyway . . . some time (we forget the year) in the mid-90’s we stopped at the Harbor View Cafe, waited in line with everyone else (there are no reservations) and had a great meal. A GREAT meal.

It’s a dinky restaurant that seats maybe 20 people tops. But the food! OMG . . . it’s all from scratch. Just the fresh bread is a meal.

So 20-some years later we returned in an RV instead of a sports car. That in itself is telling, eh?

Anyway, we’ve had two lunches at the Harbor View Cafe so far and we have not been disappointed.

Both Jan and I had a BBQ Pork Tenderloin sandwich with new potatoes and cucumbers marinated with cilantro and a curried lentil soup.


Pizza on a Farm

Pizza on a Farm

And then we were told about great pizza served every Tuesday on a farm near Stockholm, WI . . .

Farm Pizza

Farm Pizza

The directions to the farm pizza were the kind that tax a GPS. I kept getting warning messages from our CR-V’s GPS and dotted lines on the GPS that led off the map.

Along the way, I passed Saint Sophia’s (a Liberal Catholic Church).

When I found the farm, it was like a speakeasy in the woods. Like everyone there was in on a secret. Very cool.

By luck, a VERY large group arrived at the order line before me and ordered SEVERAL pizzas — but each pizza only took about 5-10 minutes to prepare.


Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens

Then I saw the pizza ovens. Big.

I bought some maple syrup from one of the local farms that was collected this spring.

And the pizza? Very good, but you had better like garlic.

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