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Stockholm, WI

It's all about pies

It’s all about pies

In Stockholm, WI it’s all about pie . . .

Stockholm Pie Company

Stockholm Pie Company

Continuing with the food trend, both Jan and I made our own trips to the Stockholm Pie Company. This was on the advice of my sister Mary. Damn good advice may I add.

Neither Jan or I went for a whole pie because at 18-inches, they are a bit much. But you can buy by the slice which we did.

My pie of choice was Apple Crisp and Jan’s was Triple Berry.

Microwaved and ala mode — get outta here.

There's more to Stockholm than just pie

There’s more to Stockholm than just pie

Stockholm is pretty kitschy. Lots of quant, brightly-colored old buildings. Plenty of places to drop a few bucks (and then some).


However, there were also a lot of “Stop Sand Mining” signs all over the town.

I had no idea what sand mining was so I Googled it.

Digging a little deeper, I found that the sand that is mined is a special kind of sand (frac sand) used in fracking.

Because fracking has taken off, so has sand mining.

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    I want 1 of everything on that blackboard. NOW!!! Kath

    June 6, 2013

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