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The Cable Guy

Two_Hoppers_00_DISH_truckI wanted to upgrade our home (i.e., RV) entertainment system by adding a second DISH Hopper receiver.

We would just “swap out” one of our lesser-abled Joey receivers for a Hopper (details here).

As I had done all the wiring, I thought DISH would just send me the new Hopper and I’d send the old Joey back to them.

Nope. They had to send the Cable Guy to us at 7:30 Saturday morning.

Long story short . . . the install went well, everything works, and the Cable Guy was great to talk with. A former equipment roadie who sold his 100-acre Nebraska farm and moved to Lake Havasu City last July to become a Cable Guy.

Lake Havasu Air Force

Sometimes they fly in formations.
Sometimes they buzz the beach.
They are . . .
. . . the Lake Havasu Air Force.
Actually several guys in ultralights who fly around Lake Havasu from time to time.

It’s Getting Crowded — It Must Be Balloon Fest

You Are Here

You Are Here

The 4th Annual Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival kinda creeped up on us.

Jan returned last Thursday from visiting her relatives in Florida and then Balloon Fest arrived on Friday. It’s interesting because there is far more traffic and congestion than balloons in Lake Havasu.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (their words, not mine) has over 700 balloons while Lake Havasu’s is under 100, but it doesn’t take much to congest this city. Even the mail was late today.

Balloons Over Havasu

Balloons Over Havasu

Anyway, a lot of folks rolled into our campground this weekend — especially from nearby California — causing a brownout (low voltage) Saturday morning which forced our RV electrical system to disconnect from campground power and to start up our coach’s generator.

But that’s the worst of it. The balloons were fun to watch and the couple who camped next to us turned out to be a teacher and elementary school principal who were just starting to RV.

Both Ellie and Flirt went swimming today. Flirt chases stones and Ellie just wades. They loved it.

Here are some photos of a Jeepin’ trip to nearby Parker Dam I took last week . . .

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