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The Cable Guy

Two_Hoppers_00_DISH_truckI wanted to upgrade our home (i.e., RV) entertainment system by adding a second DISH Hopper receiver.

We would just “swap out” one of our lesser-abled Joey receivers for a Hopper (details here).

As I had done all the wiring, I thought DISH would just send me the new Hopper and I’d send the old Joey back to them.

Nope. They had to send the Cable Guy to us at 7:30 Saturday morning.

Long story short . . . the install went well, everything works, and the Cable Guy was great to talk with. A former equipment roadie who sold his 100-acre Nebraska farm and moved to Lake Havasu City last July to become a Cable Guy.

Lake Havasu Air Force

Sometimes they fly in formations.
Sometimes they buzz the beach.
They are . . .
. . . the Lake Havasu Air Force.
Actually several guys in ultralights who fly around Lake Havasu from time to time.