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Ottawa Lake Campground — Storms & the “E1” Code

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

We’re in the Ottawa Lake Campground near Dousman, WI, and the hits just keep on coming . . .

It’s not the storms, it’s the HUMIDITY. OMG! Take the dogs for a short walk and come back dripping wet. Yikes.

I’m watching the local weather report and it’s going to be warm & muggy for the rest of the week. Oh goody.

But, hey, we have two air conditioners, right? Well, not quite. We’re at 50% (1 AC) because of the dreaded E1 error code on our thermostat:

The dreaded Dometic E1 Error Code

The dreaded Dometic E1 Error Code

Basically, this just means that one of our ACs is not playing well with the thermostat. Since our ACs are under 1-year old, we’re covered by warranty, but it is a PITA because we’ll probably end up taking our RV back to the dealer who installed them — Horn’s RV in Sheboygan, WI. No rush though as long as we stay perfectly still inside the RV. Just kidding. However, Country Music USA plays through the weekend in Oshkosh, so we won’t be going anyplace till after that.

Could be far far worse. Jan tells me that THOUSANDS of people in parts of Minneapolis have been without power since Sunday.

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