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Brunch in Haulapai

Haulapai Area

Haulapai Area (Click on photo to enlarge)

Last Sunday we went with some friends from Crazy Horse to Haulapai Mountain Park just outside of Kingman, AZ.

The couple had spent a couple of summers camping in the park campground and loved it because the park is cool even during hot Arizona summers — and the views are stellar.

Plus, there is a small resort and restaurant nearby that serves brunch on Sundays.

An attraction of the restaurant are the elk that stop and visit. We only saw one, but often several stop by at a time.

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Top State Park in Each State


Using the state park data I gathered a while back, I created a graphic that lists the most popular state park for each state:

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We’ve had the air conditioning off for almost a week. Just basking in 70/80-degree temps and low humidity. Sweet.