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Hualapai Mountain Park Campground

Hualapai Campground Ranger Office (Photo taken from the RV campground above)

We tool a day trip to the Hualapai Mountain Park Campground near Kingman, AZ. The idea was to scout out the campground. It was great!

Hualapai Campground RV Sites

We were here a few years ago and things have changed for the better. Several new sites were added to this county campground and Verizon has cell towers near the campground.

Verizon LTE !

The campground is at about 6500 feet and today the temperatures were in the mid 50’s. There was a bit of snow on the mountains, but we were told that there had been very little snow this winter.

We’ll be back.

One of Several Cabins Build by the CCC


Haven’t Seen This in a While