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Nolin Lake State Park & BTS

Nolin Lake State Park, KY

Nolin Lake State Park, KY — We’re here two days and love it. This park reminds us of the days we camped in Wisconsin state parks . . . quiet, lots of space, lots of birds, and quiet. Our campsite is surrounded by Lake Nolin. We’re just a few feet away from the lake. Love it.

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From our experience, state parks are pretty vacant on weekdays — and that’s when we’re here. Just us and a few other folks. That’s it.

We even feel nostalgic about the state park “facilities” (bathroom & showers).

The Facilities



Billboard Awards in Las Vegas

We watched the Billboard Music Awards on TV last night. We were pleasantly surprised to see BTS, a KPOP boy band, beat Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendez for a Billboard Music Award — a first for a KPOP group.

BTS’s fans, called the ARMY, racked up about 300 million social media votes which ended up to be about 75% of all the votes. Yikes.

Here’s a video of the award. Listen to the fans when the hosts mention “BTS” . . .

Battle of Franklin — 153 Years Later

Yikes! We’re Surrounded.

It was Civil War history day for us. We decided to take a field trip to the Battle of Franklin historic site in Franklin, TN, about an hour away from where we’re currently camping.

However, as often happens, we were caught in the fog of war and became lost soon after parking in downtown Franklin.

We’re Lost

But at last we found a reliable source of information . . .

Visitor’s Center

After getting a map and pointed in the right direction, we were off to the Carter House, the center of the battle . . .

We Are Here

We signed up for an hour walking tour and our tour guide was very good, a recent political science graduate who knew his history.

However, the highlight of the trip was talking to a young archaeologist who was involved in excavating part of the former Union entrenchments near the Carter House.

Apparently, soldiers were much smaller in Civil War times . . .

Civil War Musket?

Heading North


Points North (click to enlarge map)

Up until yesterday we’ve been traveling east along the Gulf of Mexico. Just let me say that we would travel that route again as camping along the Gulf has been great . . . the cleanest, longest beaches we’ve seen.

Anyway, we’ll probably get an early start on Friday as the weather in Tanner, AL looks to be stormy.

The Weather in Tanner


People usually don’t have anything good to say about the WiFi available in campgrounds because more often than not campground WiFi sucks . . . it’s often very weak and/or overloaded.

Today that’s not the case. We have a strong signal and a fast connection (about 7 to 11 Mbps). It could be the time of day or a host of other factors, but it’s good WiFi.

I have to thank our new to us WiFiRanger CORE router (photo above). It’s similar to the original WiFiRanger Pro, but smaller and more powerful. Our CORE was able to access several WiFi hot spots:

WiFiRanger CORE Main Screen (click to enlarge)

Just finished watching a HD (720p) video. It streamed at speeds between 2.5 and 5 Mbps:

Campground WiFI Speeds (click to enlarge)

Good News, Bad News


We’re in a Mississippi campground right on the Gulf of Mexico.

A “Brochure” View from Our RV Front Window

BAD NEWS . . .

There’s a leak in the roof. I was watching a large storm surrounding us on my computer when I felt water on my leg. After turning on a few lights, right above me I discovered a fairly steady dripping from the roof into the electronics cabinet — the absolute best place for dripping water. Very, very, very lucky to have been awake for all this. Nothing appears to be damaged.

So I did the standard bucket-under-the-leak trick, hoping this will suffice until I can get on the roof in the morning. By the way, while we don’t carry a spare roof, we do have all the stuff to repair it.

Anyway, I’ll be up for a few hours while this storm works its way across the Gulf.

We Are Somewhere

Finally, a shoutout to Jan who drove the entire distance today from our last campground in Henderson, LA to Waveland, MS. It was rain all the way plus an incredibly slowwwwwwww drive through Baton Rouge.


Cajun Dining Tonight

Cajun Camping

BREAUX BRIDGE, LA — Just arrived this afternoon. Found a local Cajun restaurant that will pick us up at our RV and then drive us home later.

We’re on!

What should we have for dinner? Here’s the menu

We just finished our dinner . . .

We opted for a Louisiana 4 Course Dinner with Stuffed Shrimp, Crawfish Boulette, Frog Leg, Fried Catfish, Fried Shrimp, Fried Oysters, Seafood Jambalaya, and Bread Pudding.

Jan and I want our epithet to be “They dined well”.