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Heading North


Points North (click to enlarge map)

Up until yesterday we’ve been traveling east along the Gulf of Mexico. Just let me say that we would travel that route again as camping along the Gulf has been great . . . the cleanest, longest beaches we’ve seen.

Anyway, we’ll probably get an early start on Friday as the weather in Tanner, AL looks to be stormy.

The Weather in Tanner


People usually don’t have anything good to say about the WiFi available in campgrounds because more often than not campground WiFi sucks . . . it’s often very weak and/or overloaded.

Today that’s not the case. We have a strong signal and a fast connection (about 7 to 11 Mbps). It could be the time of day or a host of other factors, but it’s good WiFi.

I have to thank our new to us WiFiRanger CORE router (photo above). It’s similar to the original WiFiRanger Pro, but smaller and more powerful. Our CORE was able to access several WiFi hot spots:

WiFiRanger CORE Main Screen (click to enlarge)

Just finished watching a HD (720p) video. It streamed at speeds between 2.5 and 5 Mbps:

Campground WiFI Speeds (click to enlarge)

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