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A Senior Moment

MockingjayIn keeping with our web site URL name . . .

So we’re at one of those multiplex movie theaters with some friends watching the new Hunger Games movie.

About halfway through the movie, it’s time for a bathroom break. Luckily, the restroom is a short distance away.

But when I return to the movie, I can’t find Jan or our friends. What to do?

Should I start whispering “Jan, Jan?” No. I’ll just sit down, watch the movie, and keep looking during the movie’s dull spots. At worst, I’ll just wait until the movie ends, and find them later.

But then the end-of-the-movie credits start rolling on screen . . . what the hell? How long was I in the bathroom? Did I fall in? Knocked unconscious?

I leave the movie hoping to find Jan & company when they exit. Then I notice  something . . .

As I look down the hallway at the other movies that are playing . . . there’s another Hunger Games movie!

That’s right — I turned left instead of right when I came out of the bathroom and ended up in the wrong theater.