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Pepin, WI

Lake Pepin Campground

Lake Pepin Campground

Arrived at the Lake Pepin Campground on Sunday, May 11.

Pepin House I Liked (not a shed)

Pepin House I Liked (not a shed)

This is a “seasonal” campground — most sites are occupied by people who have the site for an entire camping season. However, most of these folks just seem to visit on weekends, so Jan and I pretty much have the campground to ourselves during the week, except for a handful of people who are here full time.

The campground’s web site says there are 130 sites, but the owner is adding another 50 sites which are already “pre-sold” to another batch of seasonal campers.

So every weekend the seasonals show up to boat, fish, and generally work on their places.

Another Pepin House I Liked

Another Pepin House I Liked

Sheds are big. Literally. My site neighbor, a full time seasonal and Burner (more on that later), said it all started when one of the seasonals put up a shed the size of a small  house on his site. It took off from there. For example, this morning a large, loud vehicle dropped off a shed on the site behind us.

According to my site neighbor, someone is living in one of the large sheds. He figures this is true because there’s a satellite TV antenna hooked up to it.

Seasonals are busy folks. A lot of them are building wood decks next to their campers. However, a lot of them don’t like mowing the grass on their sites which annoys the management.

Back to my site neighbor . . . the Burner. He’s a very congenial guy and very smart, but he’s always burning stuff — morning, noon, and night — and he mostly burns garbage. Little fires that smolder and smoke.

Pepin Has Alleys

Pepin Has Alleys

We love this place. Really.

When we first arrived, we thought staying a month in Pepin was a mistake, but upon further investigation and exploration, it’s a great small town.

It’s quaint and cute and all that, but it’s more. Pepin has alleys. Though I grew up with alleys, I haven’t lived in a place with alleys since then. Pepin has really nice alleys.

We know this because we’ve pretty much walked the whole town every day. That’s what having dogs is all about. We’ve tried to take 8-month-old Flirt on a long walk each morning and afternoon because otherwise she’d bounce off our RV walls at night.

Anyway, the walks have been great. Jan says I’m getting tan and losing weight from these walks. The former is true.

Flirt and I have  gone up and down First through Seventh Streets from the campground (which is at one end of town) to Dunn Street (the other end) where they’re working on the sewage treatment plant down by the railroad tracks which are about 1/2 mile from the campground.

Pepin Marina

Pepin Marina

About those railroad tracks . . . I’ve heard that people who live close to a highway, airport, or railroad get used to the noise. We can vouch for that. Those trains roll through here day and night and the heavily loaded ones vibrate our motorhome.

Did I tell you that we love this place?

We do. Really.

Finally, the weather has been harsh. Mornings have been generally ok, but afternoons have been thunderstorm after thunderstorm.

We’ve been in a number of severe thunderstorm and at least one tornado watch.

Wisconsin was at the northern end of storms that devastated Oklahoma.

May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013

NEXT POST — The reason we came to Pepin.

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  1. MARY #

    I don’t like the looks of that weather map Tom…

    June 3, 2013
  2. MARY #

    But it’s not as bad as what happened on Game of Thrones tonight… YIKES !!

    June 3, 2013
  3. #

    I very much like all your comments about and description of your area. Your neighborhood sounds neat and small-townish (love the notes about alleys). I’ve heard about flooding on the Mississippi lately and hope you guys aren’t in harm’s way. Storms seem to come with the spring season right along with road construction. A nuisance but somehow we get through it. Your “burning” neighbor sounds like quite a character. If I remember correctly, you have stopped in Pepin for repairs. Hope all goes smoothly. Kath

    June 3, 2013

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