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Land of Fire and Sometimes Water

When it rains it pours? Yep.

Our last two Decembers have been wet months and this December looks no different.

Currently, it’s rained about 8 inches so far which is nearly half the total rainfall for this year.

We don’t see this often (actually it’s the 1st time)

Mariposa Creek

In other news . . .

The Last of Fall Colors in November

Fire Insurance Tree Trimming
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  1. Sister Mary #

    Spectacular fall color shot! Then.. too much rain? Tim’s loving all the snow in the Tahoe area.. lots to ski in (cross-country)! And way to keep up on the fire insurance tree-trimming .. not a whole lot of fun, but it’ll be safer.

    December 11, 2022
  2. Jim & Mariann #

    Merry Christmas from Kaspers in Kaukauna. Hope all is going well.

    December 12, 2022

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