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2022 Goes Out with a Deluge

As of about 10 PM PT this evening, Mariposa has received over 4″ of rain today . . . over 10″ this week . . . 18″ this month . . . with a grand total of almost 28″ of rain this year.

December has been wet. Very wet.

Mariposa averages 32″ of rainfall a year, but during the drought (since we’ve been here), rain has been scarce. So these December rains have been a godsend.

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Rain Effects on Mariposa Creek

In the video below . . .

Seconds 0 through 27 – Christmas Day

Seconds 28 to the end – New Year’s Eve

It rained so much on New Year’s Eve, that I had to videotape from the road. The water was moving too fast to get closer.
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  1. Sister Mary #

    That’s a LOT of water !! When it rains.. it pours. WOW !!

    December 31, 2022
  2. Barbara #

    Got your rain barrel filled up for sure and bet the air smelled wonderful. Enjoyed your video.
    Happy New Year

    January 1, 2023

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