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4th RV Solar Install Complete!

It’s taken almost a year to finish, but today we added the final touches to our RV rooftop 1095W solar system.

System Design Schematic

There have been many interactions of this design.

System Remote Control

Control and monitoring our Victron-based system is worth highlighting. For example, we can use the Victron Touch 50 Monitor which is mounted inside our RV or our iPhones or iPads to check on our RV array and to make changes, such as turning our inverter on or off.

Victron Touch 50 Display in our RV (love the animation)

iPhone Remote Monitoring

iPhone Remote Control

NOTE: Remote monitoring only works if our Victron Touch 50 Display is connected to a WiFi network. However, the Touch 50 display can also be accessed via BlueTooth for short-range communication.

Final System Installation

This part of the process involved mounting and connecting our three REC 365W solar panels.

Solar Panel Specs

These panels were huge – 41 x 69 inches! However, all things considered, they were fairly light at 44 pounds each.

Solar Panels had to shipped via freight – the scariest part of this project

Solar Panel Install

Eight Z-brackets were used per panel (and plenty of Dicor later)

The single solar panel that was installed across the RV’s roof presented an unexpected issue . . .

Since our RV’s roof is crowned (higher in the middle, lower on each side), the brackets on the panel’s short sides could not be directly attached to the roof. Doing so would have caused the solar panel to bend in the middle and probably would have broken the glass. Bad mojo. So shims had to be used under some of the mounting brackets to level the panel.

Plastic Shims used

Solar Panel Wiring

Room for one more panel

The solar panels were installed using series wiring. For the most part, we were able to route the wiring under the panels. After drilling a hole in the RV roof, the positive and negative wires entered the RV via a closet.

Roof mount purchased from Current Connected
Wires from roof into closet ceiling . . .

. . . and through closet floor

The solar panel wires went under our fridge, on the back of our entry steps, and into our electronics bay . . .

Very crowded in here – will have to add a cooling fan

We purchased the optional display for our SmartSolar Charge Controller so we could see at a glance how the solar system was working (or not).

Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller with optional display

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  1. Mary Hughes #

    BRAVO TOM!! Sister Mary

    October 23, 2022
  2. Mark James #

    One look at the wiring diagram and I’m done. Don’t know how you do it but you do. Awesome job to look at but I know I’ll never try such a thing. Keep up the good post.

    October 23, 2022
  3. #

    Hello Tom, Thank you for sharing your experience w/installing solar on your RV. I’m sure you did much research and would be interested in knowing your thoughts on the components you choose – especially the REC panels you installed.  Also would be very interested in the costs involved too. Do you have another post where these topics are explored? Regards, Neil

    October 23, 2022
  4. Nj #


    October 24, 2022

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