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Coffee, Canines, and Cameras

We are hunkered down in Netarts, OR taking a “day off” — cleaning and grocery shopping.



Our Bella K-cup (ie, Keurig) coffee maker arrived today. The Bella allows you to use regular old coffee grounds as well as the ubiquitous K-cups. We’ve been hesitant to make the change from grinding our own coffee beans to using a Keurig coffee maker. It’s not because we were overly concerned about K-cup pollution, but more about the ready availability of K-cup coffee.

Our Bella


However, we found it more and more difficult to buy Whole Bean coffee and more and more easy to purchase K-cup coffee. So we caved.

So you just bought a Keurig?


Our decision to switch was fully confirmed when we tasted our first K-cup coffee. Outstanding! I could actually tell the difference between different coffee types.

My First K-cup Coffee and the K-cup is actually biodegradable



CANINES (aka Flirt)

After our experience with our dog Flirt at Emigrant Lake and burrs, we decided to get our girl some protective dog shoes.

At Emigrant Lake, OR, we found several of these in just one paw


They’ll also come in handy during the hot weather in Arizona when the ground can become painfully hot to dogs.

And they’re red


Not exactly love at first wear . . . (Google “dog shoes” for some funny videos) . . .




Noticed a Wall ‘o Video Cameras at our current campground. Almost 30 cameras, and no “You Are Under Video Surveillance” signs to be seen. This is getting to be far too common. Creepy.

It also begs the question . . . Why so many cameras? Has there been that much theft and/or vandalism? Or . . . ?


Wall ‘o Cameras

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  1. Ken Harrison #

    Bravo for your concern about K-Cup pollution. They need to be banned, just as was the adhesive tab over the early aluminum “personal size” drink cans. “Can’t be done,” said the can manufacturers. Then Congress acted and said “find another way.” And now look at the result of government input; no more silver-colored adhesive paper littering the landscape. K-Cups should be dealt the same blow; there are manufacturers of compostable single serve coffee cups, so it entirely possible.

    And boy do I share your concern about the ever more ubiquitous video camera. When I read “1984,” I thought to myself, “that can never happen.” Now with every passing day it becomes closer to reality.

    June 26, 2019
  2. Mary Hughes #

    Nice boots! I love the way Flirt walked at first.. she’s quite the good sport! Nice of you to protect her tender feet. Those burrs looked so nasty! Loved your ‘infomercial’ for Keurig.. really wished I enjoyed coffee – I’d invest in one.. you’ve talked me into it! And then.. all those cameras.. WTF?? Paranoia will Destroya! Mary


    June 27, 2019

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